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Welcome to A Closer Look On Syria

For a word on our approach and how you can contribute to the project, continue here. On the Main Page below are general news and some select incidents studied at ACLOS since its creation in 2012. For more current analysis, check "Recent changes" or "New Pages" in the menu to the left, or use the search box.

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Syria News

22 Oct. Turkish Armed Forces: Turkey-backed FSA soldiers have established control in 156 residential areas since the beginning of Operation Euphrates Shield.

Syrian Arab Army: Any presence of the Turkish army units across the border into Syria, under whatever excuses, is rejected and condemned and will be considered an “occupation force” and confronted with all the means available.

21 Oct. Turkish Army and their proxies attack SDF forces inside Syria "to prevent them reaching al-Bab", according to Turkish statements that claim to have killed 200 fighters. From Kurdish side the casualties are claimed to be much lower but attacks by artillery and warplanes are documented. The three-way fighting between Turkish-backed FSA, Kurdish-dominated SDF and ISIS is documented in detail on the maps by Cristian Ionita (today's map).

20 Oct. Russian Military sets up publicly viewable livecams monitoring the evacuation efforts in eastern Aleppo.

In Germany the first trial against a Syrian refugee for war crimes starts. The 25 year-old Suliman al-S. is accused of having taken part in the abduction of a Canadian UN worker in 2013 organized by the al-Nusra Front.

ISIS claims to have shot down an American A10 military jet in Margada at the border between Hasakah and Deir Ezzor provinces.

19 Oct. ARA news: Sources report several convoys of ISIS fighters plus families leaving Mosul towards Raqqa taking the unofficial Ba'aj roadway.

SANA: Fighter jets of the US-led coalition destroy two more bridges in Deir Ezzor province, one of them over the Euphrates in al-Bsira. This (see previous reports) makes it at least nine bridges over the Euphrates recently destroyed.

Russian MoD map of Aleppo on October 18th. Evacuation routes shown.

18 Oct. Russia suspends airstrikes in Aleppo prior to a humanitarian pause on 20 Oct., describing it as a goodwill gesture. First rebels are seen being evacuated from east Aleppo in a UN convoy. (video)

According to Russian Center for Reconciliation, on October 18 at about 3 am there was an air strike on the village Hassadzhek, near the city of Afrin, Aleppo province. As a result of the bombing, two houses were destroyed, killing 6 and wounding 4 people. Russian or Syrin air force did not perform strikes in that area. Air situation monitoring recorded presence of two international coalition F-16 planes this specific time and location; said to be of the Air Force of Belgium--however Belgium denied that its planes were involved.

Syria's first lady Asma al-Assad gives her first interview since the beginning of the crisis (video).

17 Oct. A day after the beginning of the operation to liberate Mosul from ISIS, which will likely cause a flood of fighters and/or civilians into Syria, Rudaw has a handy Mosul factsheet.

16 Oct. RT's Oksana Boyko interviews Mokhtar Lamani, representative of the UN-Arab League mission in Damascus from 2012 to 2014, who resigned over a lack of political will towards a national reconciliation he saw back then and still sees today (video).

Turkish-backed militias take over the symbolic village of Dabiq in northern Aleppo province from ISIS. The Turkish foreign minister declares that they intend to go south and take Al-Bab next.

13 Oct. Al Masdar: 4 children killed and 5 wounded in "rebel" shelling of Al-Ta'ai Grammar School in Suleimaniyeh District of western Aleppo city.

Rudaw/Raqqa_SL: 10 Buses and 35 SUV Chevrolet with Iraqi Plates arrived in Raqqa full with ISIS fighters and their families.

Assad was interviewed by Komsomolskaya Pravda (transcript).

12 Oct. US and Russia to resume talks on Syria-BBC.

Kerry, Lavrov to meet in Switzerland on 15 Oct. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran are also expected to attend.
...'despite war crimes row' longer in the context of ...U.S. military cooperation with Russia ... (Reuters).

11 Oct. Jawad Abu Hatab, the "prime minister" of the "Syrian Interim Government" of the western-created external opposition construct "Syrian National Coalition" is interviewed by Al Monitor.

SANA: Among other things, the Cabinet discusses the reasons behind the rising prices of eggs and the decreasing prices of chicken meat.

10 Oct. Putin and Erdogan meet on the sidelines of the World Energy Congress in Istanbul. According to public statements by both, Operation Euphrates Shield was discussed and on Aleppo it was agreed to do everything needed to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of the city. According to Putin, he informed Erdogan that the US refused to use their influence for a plan to make both the Syrian Army and "rebel" forces withdraw from Castello Road to make it a save path for aid to inhabitants of both parts of Aleppo.

9 Oct. Basma Qadamani, Member of the delegation of the Syrian Supreme Commission for negotiations calls for unilateral American intervention to save Aleppo (, Arabic), (TASS, Russian). Western sources report (, English) a call to impose EU sanctions.

7 Oct. SANA: Fighter jets of the US-led coalition destroy the al-Syasia Bridge, the largest one in Deir Ezzor, which makes it a total of eight Euphrates bridges in the province recently destroyed by that coalition founded to fight ISIS.

6 Oct. TASS source: Russia (rolling UNSC chair) calls for UNSC meeting to discuss Staffan de Mistura initiative on withdrawal of militants from Aleppo. The meeting occurred on 8 Oct.

  • Russia and France proposed alternative UNSC resolutions. French resolution calls for a halt of strikes in Aleppo. Russian resolution calls to support de Mistura initiative on withdrawal of militants from Aleppo. Those UNSC permanent members were poised to block each other's alternative resolutions.
  • Russia vetoes French-Spanish UNSC resolution. Russian version of the resolution is rejected as well. Live stream (Russian). Western delegation leaders left the room when the floor was given to SAA representative.
  • SAA representative stated that 'we conduct(ed) an investigation' of the Red Crescent convoy bombing at Urm al-Kubra, and results will be provided when the investigation is completed.
  • According to media reports, 'Jihadist rebels reject UN offer of safe pass from east Aleppo'.

Reuters reports Syrian army promises to ease airstrikes in Aleppo after criticism.

"Edward Dark", inhabitant of Aleppo: Rebel shelling of Jamilieh market in west Aleppo leaves 10s dead & wounded today. [pics]

A high-ranking member of the government of Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava) states in an interview that for them to march on Raqqa as the USA wants, they demand political support for their model of democratic federalism and representation in full delegation strength at the negotiations in Geneva (against the will of the Turks, Saudis etc).

Assad was interviewed by Denmark's TV2 (transcript).

5 Oct. SANA: 100 kg (600,000 pills) of Captagon confiscated in Damascus.

4 Oct. "Secret operation in Aleppo - Turkish special forces are preparing to de-block the surrounded militants", Rusvesna, (robo-translation) .

3 Oct. U.S. suspends talks with Russia on Syria ceasefire, Reuters.

John Kerry Consults with Russians on Syria Less Than 48 Hours After Suspending Ties, Foreign Policy, 5 Oct. 2016

2 Oct. Firat News: Democratic Syria Debate Platform in Girkê Legê with 160 representatives of opposition groups ends with calls for a federal system and a solution without international powers.

Obama Warned to Defuse Tensions with Russia-"Consortium News"

A group of ex-U.S. intelligence officials is warning President Obama to defuse growing tensions with Russia over Syria (discussion)

FARS News: In attacks on two separate days fighter jets of the US coalition destroyed a total of four bridges over the Euphrates in Deir Ez-Zour province: al-Shihan Bridge, Tarif Bridge, al-Asharah Bridge and al-Mayadin Bridge. (Statement by al-Ja'afari at the UN)

basnews: According to SOHR statistics, 3,686 people, among them 1,228 civilians died in hostilities in Syria in September 2016. For Iraq, their number is 1,003, the majority of them civilians (609).

1 Oct. 'Fierce fights in historic Aleppo', report and video,

"US Bases in Syria"? Are there any? What says congress? And international law? Check the new ACLOS article.

In this video, Virginia State senator and a retired marine colonel Richard Black provides a brief and clear explanation of the situation in Aleppo in recent months (consistent but easier to grasp than our more cryptic presentation here). He points out that created by media impression that regime forces are fighting civilians and little dusty boys is wrong, and it is in fact up against up a large, motivated, and well armed rebel military force, which is essentially al Qaeda. Further he points out that regime has offered free exit to civilians and rebels laying down arms, and has a history of such sort of arrangements in the past. This is in fact the rebels preventing such exit, and pressure has to be applied to rebels, not the regime.

Note. In a recent interview, Bashar al-Assad has stated that full amnesty is given to rebels laying down arms. In automatic translation, it says for the second question about the possibility of dialogue with the armed groups to give up their arms, the answer is, yes, this is what we have applied, "both decided to lay down its arms we made them a full pardon, we were flexible to the point that we surpassed even the law, the law does not absolve the terrorists from their business, however, and in the interest of the people and to stop the bloodshed, we provide amnesty.

Chlorine use accusation was made by rebels, Oct. 2, 2016 at 5:45 AM report.

Syrian military intelligence source to Rusvesna: "terrorists are preparing a bloody provocation -a chemical attack to accuse Russia" (robo-translated here), Oct. 1, 2016 at 21:49 report.

29 Sept. City fighting near ancient Citadel video, 'Old Aleppo. Fight in Azazi', ANNA news; (English captions).

Hacker News: 37-Year-Old 'Syrian Electronic Army' Hacker Pleads Guilty in US court

28 Sept. The Intercept: U.S. and EU Sanctions Are Punishing Ordinary Syrians and Crippling Aid Work, U.N. Report Reveals

19 Sept. 2016 After the ceasefire lapsed at 7 p.m., Syrian jets pound Aleppo as Syrian Army prepares to attack, Almasdar News.

Aid trucks said to be hit.

Reuters: Aleppo aid trucks were "hit by air strikes" , quoting SOHR and interviews given to them over the phone.
According to Russian reconciliation centre, al Nusra started massive attacks west of Aleppo, attacking SAA positions and residential areas west of Aleppo with massive artillery and MLRS fire from 19:30 to 20:00.
BBC version
Footage by the Syrian Civil Defence aka White Helmets at the warehouse in Aleppo, Syria, where a UN-RC aid convoy was targeted by airstrikes; video.
Talks about 'regime helicopters' hitting warehouse, with 20 trucks outside; 'regime' striking again when rescuers arrived. (Not a trustworthy source with no independent info at this point..)
Moved here: Attack on Red Crescent convoy in Urm al-Kubra.

17 Sept. 2016 US airstrike on SAA in Deir ez-Zor (separate page and talk page).

15 Sept. 2016. Online video feed from Aleppo. First Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Viktor Poznihir, RT report and video: On Castello road "checkpoint was set and transferred to Syrian Red Crescent, guarded by 'people militia'. (Some earlier reports suggested Russian guards, but this report does not mention this). Syrian government forces ceased fire and began to redeploy tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and artillery on the set distance, to satisfy conditions for the creation of a demilitarized zone. Air and space forces of Russia and the Syrian Air Force suspended air strikes on the areas where there may be opposition forces. "There is no information on analogous actions by opposition forces controlled by USA". Also separation of rebel forces, into moderate and otherwise, is not seen on the ground. Follow-up video reports by Russian military located in Khmeimim reconciliation center and in Aleppo make certain that withdrawal refers to Castello Road, and that the rebels do not follow the suit. They ask to stop the withdrawal if this remains to be the case. Contacts with USA said to be made.

13 Sept. "Firefight wrecks Russian army Syria vid-link, commanders stand ground until dismissed" , Russian reconciliation centre video feed from Castello Road- RT. Same event, another video cut

8 Sept. 2016. It is reported that SAA established full control over Al-Ramouseh District in southern Aleppo- Almasdar News.

4 Sept. First reports of southern rebel's corridor into Aleppo re-sealed. At night and early morning, SAA and Liva al Quds broke Al Nusra defences in the southern part of artillery base Ramuseh and captured the artillery college building and buildings nearby (Cassad). Rebels still control the central part of artillery vase where artillery academy is located. SAA assault continued in the evening. ANNA news video from the ground with English captions from the area. Fighting continued for several more days.

18 Aug. 2016 "Russian Defense Ministry ready to support 48-hour humanitarian pauses in Aleppo", TASS (Eng.)

12 Aug., 2016. "Jihadists foil first Syrian Army offensive in southern Aleppo", Almasdar News. "Fighting rages in Aleppo despite Russian lull pledge", - Aljazeera (Russia proposed 3 hour pause in fighting daily for civilians to leave and/or humanitarian supplies come in; while the UN and the West want 48 hours).

11 Aug., 2016 Report: 4 rebel groups attacked Syrian Government positions in Southern Aleppo and captured Mahmiat al-Ghazalan, in a bid to obstruct the Syrian Government's Khanasir supply line , liveuamap.

12 Aug. According to reports (quoting Al Maiadin TV), lost positions in Mahmiat al-Ghazalan were retaken by SAA.

7 Aug, 2016 Rebels sent vegs convoy; but it failed phytosanitary inspection

Aerial footage of Syrian airstrikes targeting jihadists positions in south Aleppo, almasdarnews

6 Aug. 2016. almasdarnews: after morning attack, half of artillery base is in the hands of rebels. Cassad online report and latest map, similar to PetoLucem map below.

Cassad update says that rebels from outisde made contact with those surrounded, updates maps, but the fighting continues -report. almasdarnews: SAA still have fire control, more battles ahead.

Further Cassad update, conflicting claims by SAA and the rebels on control of Ramouseh area. Almasdarnews reports on SAA reinforcements arriving

SAR MOD facebook page reports, mostly, heavy airstrikes on rebels in Aleppo, and that fighting is ongoing. Aljazeera cautiously say that siege is broken.

5 Aug., 2016 Rebel attack on Ramousah Artillery Base was repelled almasdarnews

3 Aug, 2016. It is said that rebel attack was repelled. almasdarnews:

Following a long and gruesome battle, the jihadist rebels were forced to retreat from Al-Huwayz Hill and the nearby sawmills, leaving the Syrian Arab Army in full control of the Al-Ramouseh District.
'Large' rebel losses reported, including 'about 40' in an ambush. Several rebel commanders from various factions are reported killed. 4 tanks and 5 BMPs said to be destroyed.
Aljazeera provides an update from the other side.

2 Aug, 2016. As reported (Rusvesna) quoting Syrian war correspondent Kinana Alush, 6 people were killed, 8 injured after poisonous gases were released in the area of the old town. It was gaseous chlorine type substance. After that the rebels have begun a major offensive on the positions of government troops. Similar report by RIA.

Video, called "Militants used poison gas in Aleppo", published 3 Aug., 2016.
Earlier Western media alleged chlorine use near the area where Russian Mi 8 was shot down.

Update (Rusvesna), with photos, maps, video. Area map here.

"Right now, the militants carried out diversionary attacks from different directions. The main assault on the positions of the Syrian army by combined forces of groups (about 20 gangs) are in the neighborhood Ramouseh in the south of Aleppo. There gangsters blew up the tunnel bomb of huge capacity under the position of the SAA, it is known that several soldiers were killed"

Update almasdarnews, and HD map

Jihadist rebels continue, for the third day, their wide-scale offensive in southern Aleppo aimed to lift the siege on the districts they control in the eastern parts of the embattled city. Today’s battles have, so far, granted the insurgents full control on Sawmills area in Minyan following fierce battles with the government troops; now holed up at the adjacent Cardboard factory.

1 Aug, 2016. Russian MOD briefing, Engl (shows a map. too).

31 July, 2016. Big explosions, believed to be suicide bombing, and counter attack by rebel faction, said to be Jaish al Fath reported (map)

29 July, 2016. Russian -US consultations on Aleppo started in Geneva -TASS (Eng).

Aleppo humanitarian corridors information published (locations, and instructions how to make checkpoint approach--leaflet in one hand, another hand on the head or holding a child. Following a signal, slowly turn around to show no explosives back. Approach checkpoint slowly). Arabic and Russian here

28 July, 2016. Rebels, said to be al Nusra and Ahrar al Sham, fled the area of Bani Zeid and Lyaramun (Layramun) in the northern city of Aleppo. Attached video soldiers advancing or chanting among ruins, than a large captured ammo storage, mostly crude locally made ammo for do-it-yourself mortars and MLRS

Assad offers amnesty for Syria rebels who lay down arms - Reuters

July 7. Another report that Castillo road is under 'fire control' and southern part of al-Mallah farms is taken by SAA- Rusvesna report and maps, quoting in particular Al-Mayadeen reports from the scene.

July 3, 2016 SAA cut rebel supply road Castillo, north of Aleppo city- Rusvesna report

Disputed in other reports (+map), re-posted on Cassad

ISIS seizes large chunk of territory from the SDF south of Manbij – 9 sites lost

Footage of Syrian Republican Guard operations in Aleppo city

June 26, 2016 Aleppo Battle Update: Syrian Army fully recaptures eastern parts of Mallah (+map)

June 21, 2016 'Terrorist leaders met with Turkish emissaries and agreed on the offensive in Aleppo and large supplies of weapons', Rusvesna (robo-translation)

Suicide bomber attacks Kurdish base in Aleppo, -Rusvesna (report and video).

Another video of the attack.
April 2 rocket attacks on #SheikhMaqsood Rojava Defense Units. See 2016-04 Archive for more.

May 2, 2016 Kerry is said to work on Aleppo ceasefire. Wants Russia to pressure the Syrian government.

According to Russian sources reports, on April 27 2016 FSA broken ceasefire and attacked Kurdish positions. At least 83 "Turkish supported terrorists" were killed in clashes, and significant quantities of weapons captured--report and photos . Meanwhile, MSM media reports that a hospital was hit

The UN says the situation in Syria's city of Aleppo is catastrophic, after dozens of people were killed in attacks on targets including a hospital. Air strikes on and around the Medecins sans Frontieres-backed al-Qud hospital killed at least 27 people, while more than 30 died in other attacks

April 28, 2016 Russian sources accused opposition in shelling of residential areas of Aleppo. Some mortar shells hit the Russian consulate in Aleppo; it is said that 30 people elsewhere in the city were killed and over 100 wounded. Videos in the report show cars damaged by shrapnel or destroyed, and blood on a staircase of a building.

Meanwhile, Russian and US military negotiated a 'day of calm' to start 00.00 on April 30. Reports on what is included and how long it will last differ, but in the Russian version, "areas in Aleppo, Damascus. Latakia" are included, and there is no termination date for the calm. Western reports say that there is nothing on Aleppo, and that this is for one day.

Updated Russian report clarifies that Aleppo was not included in the Syrian army announcement, but representatives of 16 settlements in Aleppo province contacted the Russian center to join the ceasefire.

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Aleppo Aid Convoy Attack (September 19, 2016)

Main article: Attack on Red Crescent convoy in Urm al-Kubra
OFAB-250 bomb in Urm al-Kubra warehouse.jpg

Around 20 or perhaps 30 civilians are killed in in an attack on an aid convoy near Aleppo, destroying more than a dozen trucks hauling medical aid. This is another disputed incident; the West and its sponsored activists alleges a Russian or Syrian air attack is to blame, while Russia and Syria don't seem to know exactly what happened. ACLOS investigates.

And not to be distracted: this came just two days after the US airstrike on SAA in Deir ez-Zor that killed at least 60 Syrian soldiers in a well-known position of theirs, in a rather implausible "accident."

Chemical Weapons (starting late 2012)

Main article: Category:Chemical Weapons
Chem 4-9 A.png

A running theme in Syria news is claims about the use of chemical weapons and the red lines they would cross, if confirmed. Our category on this topic covers most reported incidents, especially all high-profile ones like the one that almost started a world war. In 2013, the allegations mostly involved the use of the nerve agent sarin. Since Syria surrendered its stocks to avert war, the allegations from 2014 to present shifted to use of chlorine gas. In both phases, ACLOS has discovered many problems with the accusation of government CW use, as well as much evidence that opposition forces are the ones actually guilty for many incidents.

Houla (May 25, 2012)

Main article: The Houla massacre
Ali-Al-Sayed 1.jpg

The murder of around 108 civilians, among them up to 49 children, in the town of Taldou belonging to Houla in Homs province, is maybe the most famous event that happened in Syria in 2012. It was immediately blamed on the government and led to several countries expelling their Syrian ambassadors. Initially attributed to the use of heavy weapons, it quickly turned out that most of the victims were killed by short-distance violence. This led to the blaming of Alawite "Shabiha" militias loyal to Assad. While the UNHRC closed their investigation in mid August stating to be reasonably certain that indeed government loyalists were the perpetrators, a lot of the conflicting evidence collected in our research was either washed away or not considered at all, while contradictions in the testimonies of witnesses backing their conclusion were denied. A central question is who was in control over the area at the time - our attempt to answer this based on all collected evidence can be found here.

Homs Massacres (2011-present)

Main article: Homs Massacres
Homs Districts all labels.png

Although relatively secure by now, the city districts and rural surroundings of Homs were home to some of the most shocking massacres of the Syrian war, especially in early 2012 when rebels had control over most of the city (that was following a short-lived Syrian military withdrawal brokered by the U.N. and Arab Laague). The ongoing ACLOS effort to list and analyze as many massacres as possible, so far includes more than 40, accounting for at least 1,400-1,900 deaths of almost strictly civilians victims. Alleged details are compared with common family names, district demographics, and the usual ACLOS techniques, to establish useable insights. Consider the Khalidiya Massacre of February, 2012, with 138 people killed, rebels said, as family homes were shelled. But the victims were 100% male and 94% adult, pre-segregated just like the prisoners of rebels the other side claimed the victims were. And this one's no fluke; strangely similar patterns repeat over and over in what makes for chilling reading.

Featured Article

Idlib province, June, 2011: Around 120 security personnel and an unknown number of civilians, especially postal workers, were killed, depending on the sources either for trying to defect to the rebel side, for marauding in the town as rebels in stolen uniforms filmed themselves doing, or for simply getting in the way of the rebel agenda. The episode marked a major development in the war, starting the first major flood of refugees and causing a dramatic spike in the bloodshed begun with the uprising three months earlier.

Ukraine News

22 Oct. SBU forced Belorussian plane to return to Ukrainian airport to detain an Armenian anti-Maydan activist. He was charged with 'organizing mass disturbances'; according to his attorney he was trying to calm things down instead.

21 Oct. In the past week, DPR was shelled 3161 times by Ukraine; 12 DPR soldiers were killed, 5 civilians and 9 soldiers wounded. 898 people are in Ukrainian detention, 488 missing - DPR ombudsman; MoD, map.

ca. 200 Ukrainians and Syrians chanting anti-Putin slogans together in front of the Bundeskanzleramt

19 Oct. Putin: Statement for the press following visit to Berlin- Eng. Russ. Merkel-more details, Tass.

Poroshenko claimed that Russia agreed to an 'armed police mission by OSCE' in Donbas. (Not agreed with LDPR, not in Putin comments. Peskov confirmed, but needs further work.)

Motorola: 50,000+

Motorola was buried in Donetsk with military honors. Many people came to pay respects [1], [2][3][4]. His bodyguard, Goga (Zhenia) was buried yesterday.

4 DPR soldiers killed and 3 wounded in the past day-Basurin

18 Oct. DPR was shelled 253 times in the past day. Two DPR soldiers were killed by Ukrainian shelling in the south. Opolchenie woman fighter Tatyana "Viva" was killed by Ukrainian sniper; survived by 12 years old daughter.

Poroshenko: Germany France, Ukraine agreed to a meeting in Normandy format "to induce Russia to fulfill the security part of the Minsk agreements." Russia agreed too. Peskov: Kiev does not intend to fulfill Minsk, and tries to shift the blame on Russia.

17 Oct. Ukraine shelled Leninskoe and Sakhanovka from 8 a.m., and started an attack, with forces up to a company. Firefight and casualties reported.

Igor Kolomoisky was presented a medal for his personal contribution to the Dnipropetrovsk region and Ukraine.

16 Oct. Motorola was killed in explosion in an elevator of a multi-flat house where he lived with his family. One opolchenie bodyguard was killed too. His wife and children were not hurt. More on separate page

After several days of clashes in the area, OSCE finally arrived to Kominternevo (video), to record violations. Basurin: we did not occupy Vodianoe (nearby, in buffer zone), and it even does not make sense military as it is in fire line from higher ground. He complained that OSCE did not make photographs of craters, determining direction by an eye, and that they lowered down the caliber of shells in his opinion; but he is grateful they arrived at all.

15 Oct. Ukraine shelled DPR 608 times in the past day. 3 DPR soldiers were killed and 3 wounded.

14 Oct. After artillery strikes from 152 mm artillery, Ukraine attacked DPR positions near Leninskoe village in the south-incoming reports. Opolchenie member 'Sklon': situation is close to critical, Ukraine stopped observing ceasefire, there are clashes in many places. (Repeats that DPR damaged an Ukrainian helicopter).

DPR Basurin shows unexploded Ukrainian 'NATO-made thermobaric munition adapted for Soviet RPG-7 grenade launcher' -'John Connor' report and photographs. Bulgaria (a NATO member) make those GTB-7S for example. Lethal NATO weapons are not supposed to be there.

Today is Ukrainian day of 'defender of the fatherland', moved by Poroshenko from the Soviet date in February. This day is also traditional day of formation of UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), which fought against Soviets and Poles and collaborated with Nazi Germany in WW2.

DPR ombudsman: 5 soldiers and one civilian, a woman, were killed in the past week; 5 civilians and 5 soldiers were wounded.

13 Oct. Briefly on Zakharchenko press conference: security situation deteriorated, and not just near Novoazovsk and Kominternovo. Also Debaltsevo, Peski, Yasinovataya, very difficult situation near Dokuchaevsk. We see attempts of UAF to conduct reconnaissance-in-force. Further separation of forces in 9 more places is just not on right now, it did not even occur in Luganskoe yet. Their insolence has no limits, UAF takes our desire for peace as weakness. Their losses yesterday and a recent failed attempt to attack us from a helicopter near Krasnogorovka (it was shot down but landed on Ukrainian territory) prove the opposite- Press conference text (in Rus.); English extract; video fragment. (Ukraine denied helicopter downing).

Russia ends oil pipeline service agreement with Ukraine

12 Oct. Ukrainian military opened fire at Kominternovo village in the south of the DPR and attempted seizure of the nearby territory -DAN news, DoNi news (Eng). UAF attack was not successful. According to Basurin, who called this attack 'a madness', 2 DPR soldiers were killed, 5 wounded, and (according to him) over 15 UAF soldiers were killed and 25 wounded.

Highlights from Ukrainian oligarch Firtash interview:

  • The war is no longer popular in Ukraine. If USA will continue present policies, in about 5 years from now Ukrainians will fiercely hate America and Americans...In their mind, they will link all their troubles, rising prices, unemployment, failed reforms, and everything else with USA. There will be no nation which hates the US more. This is just a matter of time.
  • We, together with Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, leading European experts, have developed a modernization program for Ukraine, up to the year 2025. 300 billion $ of investments is required for the economy to start working again.

11 Oct. Ukraine shelled DPR 462 times. One civilian, a woman, was killed,another wounded, in continued shelling of southern villages Sahanka/Segreevka and Leninskoe.

10 Oct. DPR situation report DoNi news, Engl). DPR was shelled 314 times in the past day, back to pre-ceasefire level. Opolchenie and locals report overnight shelling in numerous locations along the separation line.

LPR 'takes control & lands' Ukraine's USA military RQ-11B light drone.

9 Oct. Two DPR soldiers were killed and one captured by an Ukrainian RSG in the south, near villages Sahanka and Leninskoe. That was preceded by Ukrainian shelling; it is reported that OSCE failed to attend or intervene. Video from the scene in Sahanka shows mortar shelling; 2 women were wounded as a result (Basurin).

Ukraine cancelled planned separation of forces at Stanitsa Luganskaya, LPR. No new date was provided.

8 Oct. Ukraine opened fire on the village of Stahanka in the south. One civilian, a woman, was wounded.

7 Oct. DPR was shelled 1352 times by Ukraine in the past week-DAN news. DPR Human Rights Ombudsman detailed weekly situation report. 6 DPR soldiers were killed, 6 soldiers and 1 civilian were wounded. Total number of killed in DPR since the start of the conflict is 4120, according to their information. As of 6 Oct. , there were 10,666 objects of infrastructure destroyed, including 5721 residential houses.

Separation of forces in Petrovskoe reported, on the third attempt (see also 1 Oct.) OSCE and JCCC were present.

SBU detained the former opolchenie member from Brazil Rafael Lusvarghi in Borispol airport, Kiev. According to 'a well known journalist Alexander Vasiliev', quoted by Rusvesna, he was on a Western airline flight to Moscow, and the plane landed to make an arrest. Apart from another pro-opolcheie source, there appears to be no independent reports with this particular detail, however the arrest itself is shown on SBU video.

6 Oct. In the past day, DPR was shelled 130 times by Ukraine, according to Basurin (video). Names of Ukrainian +commanders responsible were provided, again. One DPR soldier was killed.

5 Oct. School number 77 in Makeevka was damaged by an explosion, according to residents reports. According to Basurin, it was caused by an explosion of fuel tanker truck, which hit a mine. One DPR soldier was killed, and another wounded in the explosion. According to Basurin, the mine was located on the road itself, and installed by Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group. As a result of powerful explosion, windows in several schools in the city were blown off. Electric power station was damaged and the pit mine "Sheglovskaya-Glubokaya" lost power. Workers of the pit mine were rescued.

4 Oct. Documentary Welcome to Donbass! -interview with Zakharchenko , video (English captions), directed by Di Matteo & Benignetti. Some direct talk here. (Does this sort of talk once upon a time; a bit of show off; no real change, still waits for Minsk to work out; but also frustration that it is not working and prospects dim).

Russian MoD gave a warning that a provocation is planned by SBU against Russian officers in peacekeeping role at JCCC; this also appeared on RU MoD Facebook page.

Victoria Nuland is visiting Moscow to discuss Ukraine with Vladislav Surkov, in the background of breakdown of US-Russian cooperation in Syria and heightened tensions overall.

DPR was shelled 126 times in the past day-Basurin (report), (video). Still no progress on separation at Petrovskoe.

Ukrainian public opinion poll, by political parties. Poroshenko block is behind Timoshenko/Batkovshina and not too far ahead from the Opposition Block, former Party of Regions (ex. Yanukovich).

3 Oct. DPR was shelled 90 times by Ukraine; at least 9 houses in Yasinovataya were damaged. A 122 mm shell launched by Ukraine had a direct hit on an apartment in Yasinovataya; the shell fragments were shown by Basurin at the press conference (video). The residents survived as they were on a different side of the building at the time.

2 Oct. Primaries elections took place in DPR, in 514 local districts, and 1098 total candidates. International observers, including Johan Bäckman (wiki), were present. No agreement with Ukraine presently on the actual elections. 370.5 thousand people participated. Current mayor of Donetsk was (preliminary) re-elected with some 83% of the vote.

Two DPR soldiers were killed, 1 wounded, due to Ukrainian shelling.

1 Oct. Separation of sides is attempted in Petrovskoe, so far hitting a snag. JCCC: order for Ukrainian troops to withdraw was not issued. Video (1 Oct., OSCE present); Ukraine does not confirm readiness to withdraw on the video. Out of 3 agreed separation zones, it only happened in one, in Zolotoe (LPR).

Another separation of sides attempt at Petrovskoe was made on 3 Oct., but Ukraine did not follow through, and DPR forces than returned back. After that, shelling in that area by Ukraine was reported. Video (OSCE present) shows that DPR withdrawal occurred, than reversed, as Ukraine did not do it on their side.

The famous Italian journalist Giulietto Chiesa visited Donetsk and was interviewed about "Donbass, Democracy and the order of things".

Interesting, calm interview, agree or not...

Two Ukrainian members of the crew survived when their US -made UAE Navy vessel HSV Swift was hit by Yemen’s Houthi fighters, reportedly with a Chinese-made anti-ship missile.

30 Sept. DPR was shelled 863 times by Ukraine in the past week; 2 DPR soldiers killed, and 3 were wounded (1 civilian and 2 DPR soldiers). DAN News/Basurin and DPR Human Rights ombudsman Darya Morozova.

Israel’s President Confronts Ukrainians With Their Past, Foreign Policy, September 30, 2016

Rivlin: Many collaborators to the crimes (in WW2) were Ukrainians. And among them, the fighters of the OUN.

28 Sept. Brit charged with two terrorism offences linked to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, The Sun. Believed to be the first terrorism charges brought in the UK relating to the conflict. He is said to be in the 'international brigade' on the side of oplochenie. Protests took place in St. Petersburg, Russia (reported on Oct. 8).

Ukraine shelled DPR 204 times in the past day-Basurin. Names of Ukrainian commanders giving such orders provided.

Provocateurs from Ukraine make a video recording describing their plans to attack munition depots; have noting to do with DPR.

25.9 Number of violations by Ukraine raised, DPR was shelled 130 times in the past day, including 35 artillery shells. Zaitsevo, Ozeryanovka near Gorlovka, Alexandrovka west of Donetsk, and northern Donetsk were hit DAN news, DNI news (Eng.) DPR complained to OSCE and JCCC representatives.

23.9 DPR was shelled 423 times in the past week, a reduction from past averages. Report with daily graphics in DAN news report.

Possible supplies of lethal weapons from the United States to Ukraine will adversely impact the process of peace settlement in Donbass-Denis Pushilin, TASS (Eng.). Russia expressed concern as well.

The US House of Representatives passed the Stability and Democracy for Ukraine Act which allows a possibility of sending lethal weapons to Ukraine, but it still requires the US Senate's approval

21.9 A framework agreement on the disengagement of warring parties in Donbass was signed in Minsk. A security zone will be created in three disengagement sections: Zolotoye, Petrovskoye and Luganskaya. TASS (Eng.), DAN news. Signed by Zakharchenko, Plotniskki, OSCE, Russia, Ukraine.

20.9 Plotniskii announced that a coup in LPR was foiled. Something was supposed to happen to cause indignation in Ukraine, and have Ukrainian army enter and save locals from 'separatists', according to him. He also says that something similar was planned in DPR. All of that attributed to some internal enemies possibly with connections in Russia (video) (text).

24.9 Media reports quoting Sergey Rahno from LPR prosecution office: former LPR prime minister Gennady Tsypakov committed suicide by hanging after his arrest related to the coup. Colonel of People Militia Kiselev, and former Parliament leader Karyakin also said to be involved.
Member of "Prizrak" battalion (of late Mozgovoi) denied that the battalion has anything to do with the coup or is under investigation. Twiiter account formerly belonging to Prizrak information team and said to be hacked later published an appeal claiming LPR plans a 'mop-up' operation against the battalion.
Said to be some unhappy Cossaks
'Sparta' battalion (Motorola) was dispatched to LPR from DPR to prevent the coup.

19.9 OSCE SMM chief Alexander Hug visits Zakhrachenko. Possibly for such an occasion, DPR was shelled 'only' 47 times in the past day-DAN news (for a show or not, let it just drop to zero).

Evgenii Zhilin, a founder and leader of Ukrainian anti-Maidan movement "Oplot", founded in Kharkov in 2010, was shot and killed in a Moscow restaurant. Another man at the same table was seriously wounded. According to a preliminary version, a contract killing is suspected. The killer managed to escape.

17.9 Prisoner exchange, 4 DPR civilians exchanged for two Ukrainian servicemen accused of sabotage. Two of the civilians were described as 75 years old woman and her 50 years old son, officially released by Mariupol court some one and a half weeks ago but disappeared after that and held illegally in a cellar. One Ukrainian prisoner is described as "SBU colonel Yurii Suprun" -DAN news. The other Ukrainian prisoner, Vladimir Zhemchugov, was hit by a land mine. He is interviewed by Graham Phillips right before the exchange; he appears to recover, with clear signs of old injury on his face but reasonably OK now; he and the journalist argue each defending their attitudes and accusing the other of being zombied. Zhemchugov angrily says that he came to defend his country, while the journalist is "Putin propagandon" (propagandist made into insult). Some shouting but the dialogue between the too is not happening.

According to Pavel Gubarev VK page, Evgenii Kosyak, one of the prisoners given to DPR is a former assistant head of SBU investigations for the Donetsk region, and participated in having Gubarev arrested/ On the linked video, Kosyak tells that he worked in Mariupol as a jurist and was arrested for "assisting DPR"; says he tried to help to have (arrested) Russian citizens exchanged.

DPR was shelled 53 times in the past day, calmer than before but still not quiet -DAN news. In frequently shelled Zaitsevo, near Gorlovka, a house on Geroicheskaya St. is destroyed by a direct hit 91years old woman lived there. House is shown and woman interviewed on video.

16.9 UAF command post in Krasnogorovka, Yasinovataya region, has exploded for an unknown reason, according to report (shown on a map).

Four DPR soldiers were killed in the past week, 5 people wounded (2 soldiers and 3 civilians); one civilian disappearance was reported-DAN news. Weekly Russvesna update, with number of violations graphics, maps, etc. Multiple ceasefire violations, provocations by UAF listed in the report, including several failed Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group attempts.

Ukraine shelled Zaitsevo, near Gorlovka, 90 years old woman was wounded

Italian journalist Valentina Petrini, Italian public TV channel RAI 2, visits Donbass -report and two videos, (in Russian and Italian, and some English). First video starts with opolchenie showing her a water heating facility, near residential high rises. It was constantly targeted by Ukraine, and residential buildings were hit in overshots too. 3 people were killed in one of the buildings they have visited. They look into a room where a woman was killed and a child shell-shocked, through damaged building wall. Go to front lines near Zaitsevo after that, stay overnight, through Ukrainian anthem and some shelling. In the second fragment, a Russian-speaking war journalist gives her a quick intro to events from recent history, Maidan ( emergence of 'Nazi', 'Bandera', Russian language suppression, etc.), shooting of a peaceful march in Mariupol, Odessa Trade Union massacre, bombing of city administration in Luhank, 2 June 2014 --looked into and discussed by us on other pages but not well known or shown by mainstream media in the West. For the reason that those events are not shown and suppressed in the West, unimaginable in case they happened say in Western Europe, the Russian-speaking journalist feels that 'we are not part of the West'.

15.9 DPR was shelled 518 times in the past day, artillery, mortars, tank guns used DAN news, DONI news (Eng.)

Territory of two pit mines was shelled by Ukraine, resulting in loss of power and endangering lives of 289 miners under ground. They were rescued.

14.9 DPR stopped Ukrainian break-through attempt near Donetsk, one DPR soldier was killed. Order is said to be issued by Zakharcheno to stop fire from any weapon at 0:00 on Sept 15.

DPR was shelled 589 times, 6 civilians were wounded. Houses in multiple locations damaged-DAN news, DoNi (eng.). There was a talk that DPR/LPR unilaterally started (another) ceasefire, followed by later talk that Ukraine joined that ceasefire, quoting Steinmeier, to start on Sept. 15. Some German-French visit 'to Donbass' (apparently to Ukrainian-held Kramatorsk) is planned on the 15-th-TASS (Eng.).

13.9 According to DPR, Ukraine attempted reconnaissance-in-force near Gorlovka. The attempt was repelled, 3 DPR and 10 UAF soldiers were killed, according to DPR. Prior to the attack, Ukraine is said to ask for 'silence regime', under the pre-text of de-mining work.

12.9 DPR detained a juvenile group said to be recruited by Ukrainian special services member (named as Igor Ritzko, call name "Almaz"). The group is accused of sabotage acts in the republic- DAN news, DONI news (Eng.)

Over 23,000 houses damaged in Donetsk republic since start of war, DONI news (Eng.)

11.9 DPR was shelled 229 times in the past day (approaching pre-ceasefire levels) -DAN news. Ukraine opened mortar fire at the western suburb of Donetsk, in the vicinity of Yasinovataya and the village of Sakhanka in the Novoazovsky district -DoNi news (Eng.)

10.9 UAF shelled Spartak settlement, north of Donetsk, using 122 mm artillery and mortars. Fighting in Avdeevka industrial zone is reported. 97 mortar shells fired by UAF on Mineralnoe settlement near Yasinovataya.

Attempted provocation near settlement Krutaya Balka, by reconnaissance and sabotage groups of special operations forces of the UAF 73rd special purpose maritime center, to bombard the settlement and UAF units. The action was aimed at provoking a response, and recording 'ceasefire violations by DPR' by lined-up for the task journalists. As a result of this failed provocation UAF lost two wounded soldiers and was forced out back to Ukrainian territory.

9.9 According to DPR, 526 violations of ceasefire in the past week by Ukraine. Weapons banned by Minsk used by Ukraine 264 times.

08.09 Mortar shelling of DPR overnight, 30 mortar shells were fired

07.09 DPR soldier was killed when UAF shelled Trudovskie settlement, Petrovskii district of Donetsk. It is believed that an anti-tank grenade launcher was fired from positions of 'Donbas-Ukraine' battalion in Ukrainian-held Marinka -DAN news

TASS: The head of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Jury Artemenko believes that "Inter" TV channel is itself is to blame for being attacked by radicals (videos) "You have to admit, what happened is just a consequence, and the reason is your programming concept." Today they set you on fire, and if you will not not come to your senses, you may be shot tomorrow. And no one will do anything". In the end, parliamentary committee on freedom of speech condemned the attack.

On September 4, radicals entered "Inter TV" building, used fire extinguishers to disorient guards and employers. Lots of smoke is seen on camera after that. Exit was blocked. Fake demonstrators outside were used to distract attention, help attackers, and eventually cover arsonists escape from the building. Extinguishers and spray were used against employees. Some liquid was poured on the counter near the entrance and set on fire. Couple of female employees were pushed out from the exit, while other employees escaped to upper floors, roof and balcony to get fresh air. Eventually firefighters arrived. Several people required medical attention, but no reported casualties. "Inter" is part of "U.A. Inter Media Group" holding, Firtash and Levochkin are the owners.
For more, see Arson attack on Inter TV -- Petri Krohn (talk) 23:07, 7 September 2016 (UTC)

06.09 Poroshenko: political solution, ie constitutional changes, elections law in Donbas, will not happen until there are 'right conditions' , security situation, 'withdrawal of Russian troops and equipment', 'Ukrainian control of the border. Once again, changing the agreed sequence of steps in Minsk agreements and propaganda added. RIA article illustrates levels of fulfillment of Minsk agreements as viewed by both sides.

05.09 DPR was shelled 49 times by Ukraine in the past day, despite the announced ceasefire. 122 mm artillery, 82 and 120 mm mortars, BMP guns, grenade launchers, small firearms were used-DAN news

François Hollande:

In Ukraine, we must continue the Minsk process, address current bottlenecks, including the implementation of the special status, the security situation and the lack of trust between the parties. We agreed to organize in the coming weeks a summit between Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine.

Putin: No alternative to Normandy format, may have to interact with Poroshenko. But the point is not to meet for the sake of meeting, but to have some positive developments, on the road towards settlement. I am under impression that nobody wants to meet for the sake of meeting, except maybe Prooshenko. Don't know, have not talked to him for a long time. Russian transcript; English transcript forthcoming

04.09 DPR was shelled 37 times in the past day-DAN news. This is considerably less than before this latest period of calm announced, yet again, as many times in the past, not a full stop.

03.09 Ukraine starts large scale training for reservists, to prepare for for possible mobilization of reservists in case of 'an open aggression' -TASS.

02.09 Despite supposed ceasefire, several mortar shells were fired by UAF on Donetsk, Petrovskii district and near mine pit "Oktiabtskaya'

01.09. Ceasefire was agreed from 00:00 on 1 of September. In the past day, DPR was shelled 139 times by Ukraine, but in the night of 1 September ceasefire was 'in general' observed. Later in the day, at 18:35, a civilian was wounded by an Ukrainian sniper in Alexandrovka settlement , Petrovskii district of Donetsk -DAN news


DPR Sakhanka: life goes on under shelling, 11 Oct. 2016

'Suburbia of life', about the effect of the war on life in small villages and towns. Shelling, destruction, economic hardship. Slow running, in Russian. Sept. 29, 2016.

More videos on talk page


Note on sources. At present, pro -Ukrainian and pro-Russian sources more often than not offer opposing claims on events, and a choice needs to be made. Currently factual part of reporting by pro-Russian sources appear more accurate, complete, and closer to truth, out of the two available alternatives. It is also less known, as the other side has greater support by the Western mass media. For that reason, a lot of reporting here is based on Russian sources. It is not done for the sake of supporting any pre-determined narrative. If and when Ukrainian sources appear more accurate, they will be used without a reservation.

Some Ukrainian source reporting is very good, for example Tatyana Montyan numerous videos, some of them translated, are spot-on and at times appear closer to reality than any pro-this or that narratives. However the bulk of Ukrainian media is unreliable, and often just unbelievable, not passing cross checks (e.g. as was illustrated numerous times by well-read on both sides Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Sharii); or else, is filled with hate and may cheer more people harmed or killed (any of such sort, from any side, is totally unsupported here).

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Ukrainian media

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Ukraine (2014 - Today)

ACLOS has covered events in Ukraine since the 2014 regime change and through the ensuing conflict. Three most important subjects among many considered:

  • Maidan snipers February, 2014 Analyzing the mysterious February, 2014 shootings that helped demonize Ukraine's government at just the right time.
  • Odessa Trade Union massacre May 2, 2014 Analyzing the killing of dozens of pro-federalism activists in Odessa, which the civilized world shrugged at and ignored. (based on numerous videos of the event, documented authorities response, and witness interviews; still mostly on talk pages).
  • MH17 (2014, July - Today)
Followed from the very beginning. However still remains mostly on talk page, sub-pages, and sub-page talk pages.

Kobane (2014, July, September - Today)

Main article: Assault on Kobane
Kobane water cannon.jpg

A very similar chain of events like years before in Ras Al-Ayn (see below), only this time it made the news (months after we started the article). Not least because this time, the attackers call themselves part of ISIS, the "newly arrived" enemy of all that's good and decent.

Ras Al-Ayn (November 8, 2012 - Today)

Main article: Assault on Ras Al-Ayn
Sere kaniye burial.jpg

Ras Al-Ayn, directly at the Turkish border in the north-east, early November 2012: The Kurdish dominated and mostly self-governed town gets assaulted by hundreds of Islamist fighters coming across the border from Turkey, under the eyes and with help of the Turkish military. After typical sectarian assaults on the civilian population, Kurdish militia takes up the fight against the foreigners. In the process of the following weeks, the town sees shelling by both the Syrian and the Turkish army, several defeats of the Islamists with retreat behind the Turkish border, and finally a fragile truce. On January 16, again large groups of foreign fighters with tanks cross the Turkish border and heavy clashes break out. After a month of heavy fighting, another peace agreement is signed on February 17. Five months later, following an Islamist attack on female Kurdish fighters, heavy clashes lead to the final conquer of the border station by the Kurds, which leads to increasing tensions in other parts of the region. As of mid September 2013, hundreds of Islamist fighters are trying to besiege the city while the Kurds are fully mobilizing.

Tremseh (July 12, 2012)

Main article: Tremseh massacre
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When news of this alleged massacre reached the media, it came with alarming numbers of up to 300 civilians murdered in the small village of Tremseh northwest of Hama. In the following hours and days, both pro- and anti-government sources helped to clear the picture of what is now mostly called the "Battle of Tremseh" between the army and anti-government fighters who had used the village as their base for operations in the region. The real death toll seems to be some civilians caught in the crossfire and a couple of dozen killed anti-government fighters. In addition, many including foreigners were arrested and their arms and equipment confiscated.

Other research...