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30 Oct. Volunteers from DPR, Russia, and Germany delivered humanitarian aid to residents of Naberezhnoe settlement, DPR, located on the separation line. On the German side, the aide is coming from Bridge for Peace charity. Its president, Liane Kilinc (Facebook), was present and is interviewed at the end of the video. She has a youtube channel with more videos (unfortunately, with low viewership). Getting volunteer help for Donbass is getting harder even in Russia, and very few volunteers internationally. (Noted, in the linked video Liane Kilinc is presented as MP-Brandenburg; it appears that she is not currently a MP ).

Situation in L/DPR, in particular Nov. 11 elections, is to be discussed at the UN, proposed by Ukraine, and supported by FUKUS + Poland, Netherlands and Sweden. Russia objected to the discussion to be closed, insisted on an open discussion, and proposed to invite L/DPR representatives. The UN voted on the proposal to invite Yelena Kravhcenko, LPR elections committee chairwoman. This proposal was rejected as the above Western countries voted against. Russia's UN representative Nebenzya: There are strong reasons to believe that the Ukrainian side has to do with the murder of the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko.

26 Oct. DPR ombudsman: in the past week, 4 DPR soldiers were killed, 5 people (4 soldiers and a civilian man) were wounded. According to ombudsman data, since the start of the conflict 4713 people were killed, among them 614 women, 4099 men, including 81 children.

22 Oct. Four DPR soldiers were killed by Ukrainian fire in the past day, three of them from shelling of Leninskoe settlement in the south. One more soldier was killed in Kominternovo by sniper fire.

20 Oct. Yulia 'Gas Princess' Timoshenko records political-populism-drama filled video following Poroshenko- approved 23.5 % heating gas prices hikes, says that this and subsides slashed will cause severe hardship, tells that in 7 months Poroshenko will be gone following elections, for her to reduce gas prices 2-2.5 times (video, emotional enough to stand without translation).

DPR media has many articles on small economic miracles to be accomplished by Pushilin once he is elected DPR head. His early-days opolchenie-backed opponent Gubarev was refused registration to run in the elections, attributed to some nit-picking about voters signatures on his nomination papers.

A civilian man, a resident of Donetsk, was wounded by a land mine explosion near Trudovskaya mine pit, lost both legs.

17 Oct. In an event at Kerch Polytechnic College on Crimea, involving explosives and shooting, at least 19 people are killed. CCTV shows an armed 18 year old student of the institute (witness reports).

16 Oct. Unconfirmed reports say that a Ukrainian and a US pilot were killed in a crash of Ukrainian SU-27 plane. The flight was part of training exercises involving Ukrainian and NATO soldiers. It was reported that training program was altered to allow for study of Ukrainian S-300 air defense systems and Ukrainian air force operations, as those have similarities with the Russian forces (albeit incomplete, and based on shared Soviet past).

15 Oct. Russian Orthodox Church breaks all ties with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, over the latter moves to establish autocephalous church of Ukraine.

Russian and US politicians, businessmen gather for Fort Ross Dialogue forum in San Francisco.

13 Oct. LPR. A woman and a teenage girl (said to be mother and daughter) are killed by Ukrainian mortar fire.

Ukrainian journo Dmitry Gordon: 'the revolution of dignity' (Maidan'14) is a hoax (наебалово, giant mindfuck), it would be better if it did not happen at all. (video)

12 Oct. DPR ombudsman: in the past week, 5 soldiers were killed, 10 people (9 soldiers and a civilian man) were wounded. DPR people's militia weekly report, here.

9 Oct. Ukraine fired 45 mortar shells on DPR in the morning -JCCC.

According to Ukrainian sources, the fire and explosions at the ammunition depot near the town of Ichnya in the Chernihiv region began with a 122 mm Grad missile storage, and then spread to mortar mines, tank and howitzer large-caliber shells -Rusvesna

8 Oct. In the evening Ukrainian forces fired on Petrovsky district of Donetsk, a school and 3 residential houses were damaged.

1 Oct. DPR ombudsman: in the period 21-27 Sept, 4 DPR soldiers were killed, 10 civilians were wounded. According to DPR data, since the start of the conflict 4,693 people were killed, including 614 women and 78 children.