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31 July, 2016. Big explosions, believed to be suicide bombing, and counter attack by rebel faction, said to be Jaish al Fath reported (map)

29 July, 2016. Russian -US consultations on Aleppo started in Geneva -TASS (Eng).

Aleppo humanitarian corridors information published (locations, and instructions how to make checkpoint approach--leaflet in one hand, another hand on the head or holding a child. Following a signal, slowly turn around to show no explosives back. Approach checkpoint slowly). Arabic and Russian here

28 July, 2016. Rebels, said to be al Nusra and Ahrar al Sham, fled the area of Bani Zeid and Lyaramun (Layramun) in the northern city of Aleppo. Attached video soldiers advancing or chanting among ruins, than a large captured ammo storage, mostly crude locally made ammo for do-it-yourself mortars and MLRS

Assad offers amnesty for Syria rebels who lay down arms - Reuters

July 7. Another report that Castillo road is under 'fire control' and southern part of al-Mallah farms is taken by SAA- Rusvesna report and maps, quoting in particular Al-Mayadeen reports from the scene.

July 3, 2016 SAA cut rebel supply road Castillo, north of Aleppo city- Rusvesna report

Disputed in other reports (+map), re-posted on Cassad

ISIS seizes large chunk of territory from the SDF south of Manbij – 9 sites lost

Footage of Syrian Republican Guard operations in Aleppo city