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May, 2016

31.5 UAF shelled DPR 114 times in the past day.

"UAF artillery battery used to shell Donetsk caught fire. Possible causes include violating safety guidance, smoking in non-designating areas, alcohol consumption" report and video.

"13 and 16 battalions of 58 brigade of UAF in error shelled each other. 5 soldiers were killed in 13th battalion, and over 10 were wounded or killed in the 16th batalion"- Basurin, DPR.

28.5 DPR was shelled 266 times, including Kuibyshevskii region of Donetsk. Two civilians wounded , 21 houses damaged in the past day, including a kindergarten in Donetsk.

Speaker of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration on "ATO" Alexander Motuzyanik: 5 UAF soldiers killed, 4 wounded -Rusvesna

27.5 Avdeevka. Three DPR soldiers were wounded by UAF snipers, trying to evacuate bodies of their fallen comrades. OSCE and JCCC representatives came under sniper fire too (DAN News).

(Also, renewing sanctions on Russia in the background).

Russian citizen Evgenii Mefedov, under arrest in Odessa from 7 May 2014, was released from prison under house arrest, despite Right Sector protests. Did not play any role , apparently accidentally caught up in the unfolding events. Was on the third floor of the Trade Union building, suffered from smoke poisoning and light burns.

Arrested again, charged with 'separatism'

Ukraine’s ‘you invaded us’ debt non-payment defence, FT.

Mark Weidemaier, associate professor of law at the University of North Carolina, calls the dispute unique in the annals of debt litigation.“There is nothing typical about the Russia-Ukraine loan or the events that followed,” he said. “The Russia-Ukraine dispute involves a politically and militarily fraught conflict wrapped in a garden-variety contract dispute governed by English law … the resolution will depend primarily on political, economic and military considerations, rather than legal ones.”
See also: Rule of Law.

Poroshenko appoints former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen as special advisor to the president.

26.5 Avdeevka. Two DPR soldiers were killed, 1 wounded when UAF tried to break through DPR lines in the industrial zone of Avdeevka, which remain to be a flashpoint. Six UAF soldiers were reported killed.

25.5 Erofeev and Alexandrov arrived to Moscow by plane. Putin pardoned Savchenko, after relatives of journalists killed in Lugansk have asked for such a decision, and after meeting with them TASS report, in Russian.

RT video, Erofeev and Alexandrov arrival
Savchenko released and on video... ((translated to Russian)).

Plane with Savchenko departed to Ukraine. Erofeev and Alexandrov can be on their way to Russia, but not officially confirmed.

Official mourning day in Ukraine, anniversary of Petliura killed (as well as, Rusvesna notes, Poroshenko elected).

24.5 Normandy Four leaders discuss situation in Ukraine, TASS. "Vladimir Putin called for an immediate end to the shelling of populated localities in Donbass by Ukrainian Armed Forces," the Kremlin press service said.

DPR was shelled over 600 times in one day-DAN news

Ukraine: 7 Soldiers Killed, 9 Wounded in Eastern Clashes, ABC news

22.5 DPR announced that it prevented 'a bloody provocation' in Avdeevka, by 'conducting a series of measures' and 'strict observance of Minsk agreements despite increased shelling by Ukraine'. Further details were not provided in the announcement. Previously it was reported that provocations are expected and that Ukraine gathered journalists in ATO area in anticipation. In a separate report, DPR denied shelling Avdeevka, and denied that Russian representatives at JCCC were evacuated.

20.5 Latest weekly update puts the number of UAF shelling of DPR at 2086, with about half (1044) from heavy weapons.

19.5 Former Vice President of Russia Rutskoi : "For one shot on Donbass, Kiev must receive 10 in return", -Politnavigator.

18.5 UAF fired 216 mortar shells on northern Donetsk, Yasinovataya checkpoint and Dokuchaevsk-DAN news.

As a result of shelling, one DPR soldier was killed , another wounded

No real progress in Minsk. Political subgroup failed to meet today, as Ukrainian representative left the meeting and it is said that he resigned.

17.5 Nuland arrived to Russia for talks, May 17-18. Situation in Ukraine and bilateral ties are said to be on agenda-RIA

14.5 UAF fired over 170 mortar shells on 'Sakhanka village in the south, Novoazovsk region. Fire came from Ukrainian positions near Shirokino. Donetsk airport area and Spartak, north of Donetsk, were shelled too.

Pushilin: DPR will propose to extend Easter ceasefire (despite that it was not really a ceasefire; shelling was just slightly down. Any chance to have a real ceasefire?)

Ukraine's Jamala wins Eurovision 2016; Russia is third, UK is 24th out of 26. (Some 'patriotic' commentary in Russia voiced preference for Russia loosing out, for Russia's song being disconnected from the national roots).

13.5 UAF shelled DPR over 800 times for the past week. 4 DPR soldiers were killed, another 4 wounded.

9.5 UAF shelled DPR over 160 times in one day. A terrorist act was prevented in Donetsk; it was planned by Ukrainian sabotage group for May 9 Victory day celebrations.

Mother and girl wearing St. George bands were attacked by military-fatigued men in Kiev. They dispersed when this started to draw attention. Photos of the incident appeared in Russian media and draw attention and condemnation. One of the attackers turned out to be a as a Nazi sympathizer.

7.5 One DPR soldier was killed, another wounded as a result of shelling by UAF-DAN news

Geofrey Pyatt is to be shipped to Greece (, ( said to be replaced by a Russian-speaking, Serbian-origin Mary Yovanovitch. So far so good... (This is as if somebody is trying to finally fix the Ukrainian mess --'as if' ) .

4.5 Zakarchenko 'direct line' question-answer session with people of Odessa and Bessarabia -transcript (Russ.)

3.5 DPR was shelled 48 times in the past day, less than before, but not peace, clearly. That happened many times in the past, going back to old levels after awhile. More needs to be done.

2.5 Second year anniversary of Odessa massacre.

Photos, May 2, 2014-RIA


May 1, together with Easter, celebrations in Donetsk. More photos from Donetsk and Luhansk. (Feels like pre-Gorbachev USSR a bit).
Shelling continued in usual hot spots, despite promised ceasefire, Easter, and traditional holidays -Basurin video, English subs . Two DPR soldiers were killed.