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18 Jul. US-Russia roadside movies: Russian policeman, 5-fingured gestures, translator: This is the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic. The Russian Armed Forces are here at the invitation of President Bashar al-Assad. On what basis are you here? (It is said that American patrol was following the Russian one. Russian patrol stopped and approached the Americans prior to the exchange, which ends with the Russian military policeman passing a message "to your (US) general" urging to stop chasing them).

16 Jul. Russian military policemen are lightly wounded in Derbasia city, Hasekah province. It is said that they arrived, together with some YPG members, to investigate an explosion when a second explosion occurred.

14 Jul. IED attack on a joint Russian-Turkish patrol is reported (video 1, 2), initially blamed on HTS. Light injuries only are reported. Kataib Khattab Ash-Shishani (battalion of Khattab the Chechen) later claimed responsibility, posted some photos. (Noted, Khattab - same name but probably unrelated to a jihadist leader ibn-Khattab, a Saudi who fought and was killed in Chechnya). See also [ANNA news).

13-14 Jul. Attacks and counter-strikes are reported in the old-running border conflict between ex-Soviet Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagornyi Karabakh. Armenia is backed by ex-Soviet SNG mutual defense treaty which includes Russia; Turkey is backing (1, 2) Azerbaijan. Turkey and Russia are also facing off in Syria, Libya, etc, while having economic and some military cooperation and are involved in joint diplomacy attempts.

11 Jul. US military convoy burned in Iraq -reports 1, 2.