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27 Jun. A clash between Syrian and Turkish troops is reported. It is claimed that Turkish troops at an observation point in the Sheikh Maghar area in the Idlib de-escalation zone, fired more than 18 mortar shells on the positions of the SAA, which returned fire. It is said that according to Turkish minister of defense one Turkish soldier is killed, 3 others are wounded. It is said that Turksih helicopters entered Syrian airspace to evacuated the wounded, with local sources claiming they were fired on. It is reported that several Turkish military aircraft have been spotted over the north of the province of Aleppo and south of Idlib, both regions controlled by militants. In connection with the incident, the Russian attache in Ankara was called to the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces "to discuss the incident". The Turkish side promised to "respond to such attacks." Turkish coverage of events, e.g here.

25 Jun. Iranian FARS News has for several weeks been quoting Arab news outlets about a "popular uprising" in eastern Deir ez-Zor and southern Hasaka provinces (which are not traditionally Kurdish) against the SDF and its US backers, met with quite violent suppression. Summary from today

Patrushev, Bolton and Ben Shabbat hold tripartite negotiations on Syria (TASS; Atlantic Council).

24 Jun. It is said that a number of Syrian underwater oil pipelines have been sabotaged (Oil and Gas; Rusvesna/photos).

21 Jun. The Syrian foreign minister al-Moallem is visiting North Korea after he had stayed in China for a five-day visit.

Firat News Agency publishes "confessions" by captured Turkish intelligence agents that they carried out terror attacks, abductions and other crimes while posing as SDF soldiers, with the goal to fuel conflict between Arabs and Kurds in Rojava.

After 45 days of trying to conquer the hill town of Kabani from the Idlib "rebels", the SAA gives up for the moment and deploys its elite forces to a different front.

20 Jun. Iranian media reports that US and Saudi efforts to convince tribes in Rojava to separate from Syria have failed.

19 Jun. Al-Ja'afari delivers an update to the UNSC about the situation in Idlib and demands that they take their resolutions "against terrorism" seriously. He specifically points out the role of Turkey in supporting the various gangs of militants in the area.

13 Jun. According to press reports, Iraqi officials complain that the US is refusing to hand over 40 to 50 ISIS commanders of Iraqi origin they/the SDF have captured in the endgame in al-Baghouz.

9 Jun. A funeral ceremony for al-Sarout in the Turkish border town Reyhanli sparks a controversy in Turkish society over the relationship of the state to radical jihadis.

8 Jun. In fights in northern Hama the SAA kills prominent Jihadist leader al-Sarout to the great mourning of the "western" press.

7 Jun. Offensive by the rebels, Idlib-Hama, is reported (1,2).