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  • Aviation
  • Soviet-design, Ukrainian-built largest plane in the world, An-225 «Mriya» (Mрія - dream-Ukr.) lands in Czech Republic, to load T-72A tanks repaired there. It was feared that they will be delivered to 'ATO' in Donbas, but it is said that they went to Nigeria instead.
An-225 landing video
There is only one such plane flying. Another one is 70% assembled, its construction stopped with the collapse of the Soviet Union. It still rots at the yard of Antonov plant (photos)
  • AN 148-100 EA, initially designed by Antonov, various modifications produced in Ukraine and Russia. (Delivered Erofeev and Alexandrov to Moscow.)
Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovich shakes hands with opposition leader Vitali Klitschko after the signing of an EU-mediated peace deal with opposition leaders in Kiev on Friday, 21 February, 2014. Yanukovich abandoned Kiev on that night to go to Kharkov, and in the next few days escaped to Russia.

Donbass Events, 2014

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Chernobyl accident


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