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January, 2016

31.1 Novorussian sources report that doctors in Kramatorsk think the recent Flu epidemic is caused by something released from the local US-run bacteriological lab. Meanwhile, US-outlet Veterans Today, whose editor says they have to release 40% disinformation to get away with the other 60%, releases another report in their series about US bio labs in former SU states, pointing out ongoing similar events around the Richard E. Lugar lab in Alekseevka, Tbilisi, Georgia.

About 80% of influenza viruses that circulate this year in Europe and Russia is strain A (H1N1), or swine flu (an epidemic level in several places in Russia) TASS

29.1 It is reported that UAF resumed shelling along all of the separation line. Mortars (82 and 120 mm), and RPG were used.

27.1 Plotniskii stated that discussion of constitutional amendments in Rada is taking place without taking into consideration requirements of Donbas; urges to have a special status for Donbas on a permanent basis; makes suggestions on changing article 133 of constitution, or article 18 of Transitional Regulations. States that LPR and DPR representatives have to take part in discussion, and offers that their representatives and legal team are ready to go to Kiev immediately -Rusvesna.

This is a joint position with DPR

Security situation deteriorated. UAF shelled DPR 22 times. "Grad" was used (for the first time in 2016) in UAF shelling of western suburbs of Donetsk. Mortars (120 and 82 mm), BMP, RPG, grenade launchers were used as well. A woman was wounded in Zaitsevo, north of Gorlovka -Rusvensa

26.1 Ukrainian military suddenly left the Joint Center for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC), except the Mariupol direction. In DPR it is suspected that provocations may be planned -Rusvesna

The Government of Ukraine adopted a resolution on the elimination of the concern "Antonov". Previously, three companies forming the concern have left it and were transferred to Ukroboronprom. Antonov concern is famous for the world's heavisest planes, Mria and Ruslan

USA is to create a new defense holding in Ukraine, based on Motor,, bmbd blog

25.1 Voting on constitutional amendments may happen on Jan 28, Thursday. There are contradictory views on whether it will go ahead. Poroshenko is said to have 296 votes out of 300 required to

UAF shelled DPR almost 1200 times in one week, including 404 times when heavy weapons were used. Shelling was provocative to draw a response and accuse DPR in violating ceasfire -Basurin, DAN news.

24.1 At ammunition storage in a settlement of Balakleia (Kharkov region) ammunition loading for "ATO" began. 500 people are involved in loading operation, according to DPR intelligence reports-Basurin. Ammunition will be sent by rail and road to the area close to the separation line.

Ukrainian government is planning to transfer to mandatory contract service and force to stay on the front lines about 10,000 servicemen drafted in the 4-th mobilization wave-DAN news

Deinego on latest Minsk round: (little actual progress to report)

23.1 A group from the left wing opposition celebrate in Kiev 362 anniversary of Pereyaslav Rada, union with Russia established by Bohdan Khmelnytsky - video.

Korban (who is under arrest) is replaced as UKROP party leader, Denis Borisenko is elected as a temporary head, for as long as Korban is unable to lead himself -UKROP announcement

US Ambassador Payett urges Ukraine to adopt constitutional amendments, decentralization and local governance. Poroshenko expects this to happen at the next session of Rada, as required by constution; the next session starts in February. But that there will be no special status, for anybody, according to him. According to Zakharchenko, constitutional amendments were not agreed with them (as specified by Minsk agreement) .

22.1, LPR. Ukrainian Army shelled Bahmutovskaia highway from Krymskoe, with a 82 mm mortar. Also, Veselogogorovka was shelled y UAF from Troitskoe (map), from a 120 mm mortar, supposed to be withdrawn by 30 km -Rusvesna

20.1 UN Assessment Mission to Start Work in Ukraine January 23 (at the request of Ukraine)-Sputnik News.

Ukraine and Turkey discuss an alliance. Poroshjenko The Heads of State exchanged opinions on the de-occupation of Crimea and Donbass. Rusvesna-opinion piece, '...children game of making friends against somebody...'

16.1 OSCE inspectors fired on by Ukrainian "diversants" (RSG) using small arms weapons, when they inspected repair work of a gas pipe line Donetsk-Marinka (Rusvesna).

Ukraine stopped traffic of goods to Crimea, except "socially essential items" and "humanitarian aid" TASS (Rus).

Czech parliament deputy visited Donbas. Kiev protested. Kiev unable to hide the truth about events in Donbass – the Czech deputy- DONI.

15.1 Surkov -Nuland meeting in Kaliningrad, on Minsk agreements -TASS, English;talks update TASS (Engl).

Basurin warns on concentration of military equipment and personnel in the Mariupol-Novoazovsk direction, DONI (Donbas International News Agency, in English). Situation report-DONI.

14.1 Poroshenko: This year should become the year of ensuring peace and returning Donbas to Ukraine, ( -English), Jan.14, 2015

“In 2016, we should restore Ukrainian sovereignty over the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions”

on Crimea:

President Petro Poroshenko noted that struggle for the return of Crimea remained on the agenda and Ukraine would suggest an international mechanism of de-occupation of the peninsula. “The optimal format is “Geneva Plus”: with participation of our partners from the EU, USA and, probably, signatory countries of the Budapest Memorandum,” the President said.

An aggressive flu virus has killed ca. 100 people and infected 120,000 in the three weeks since its outbreak primarily in eastern Ukraine.

12.1 Right Sector members stand trial in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. It is said that they have been involved in a domestic fistfight, and are seen heavily beaten up on the

11.1 It is said that Boris Gryzlov has visited Kiev to meet Kuchma, prior to a trilalteral group meeting in Minsk. That meeting was protested by Ukrainian nationalists; confirmed by Kuchma press secretary.

10.1 A DPR republican guards fighter was killed in the evening of Jan.9 by Ukrainian sniper fire in the village of Zaitsevo, to the north from Gorlovka. Also 7 tank shots were fired into Zheleznaia Balka settlement, south of Gorlovka DAN news, Jan.10, 2016, quoting DPR MOD.

9.1 Ex-President of Ukraine Kravchuk said, in an interview to Ukrainian 5 Channel, that Minsk agreements addressed only most urgent issues (weapons pull-back et al), but not the main thing, how to stop the murders, blood, death in Donbas. "We should not be afraid of a special status for Donbas" said Kravchuk. Rusvesna;

4.1 Russia starts supplying gas to Ukraine's Genichesk — Russia's deputy PM, TASS (En).

Ukraine completely cut water supply to LPR at one of the stations, and cut by 50 % at another (blaming this on accident, but details were not provided) . Rusvesna

According to Ukraine, Russia completely cut transit of goods through Russia. Trucks to Kazakhstan are only allowed via Belarus border and only if they are GLONAS -equipped (GPS analogue in Russia) -RIA. There is a new tracking system in Russia for big enough trucks, this may be a related issue (TBC)

1.1.Ukraine-EU free trade agreement goes into force, Kyiv post, Jan. 1, 2016. Russian counter-measures come into force as well.

93.1% of Crimea residents oppose electricity supplies on Ukraine’s conditions - pollster, TASS, Jan. 1, 2016.