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March 2015

31.3 Shirokino controlled by opolchenie--quoting OSCE. No significant change --Cassad

28.03 Opoolchenie in Shirokino report frequent shelling which stops only when OSCE mission arrives. They also report that a [new modern tank is apparently used by Ukraine. It has powerful gun, and also very quickly targets them, without spotters or drones seen. Opolchenie claims it is foreign tank, believed to be South Korean 'black panther', advanced/prototype design. They say they suspect it's 'black panther' based on brief news reports by Ukraine and intercepts of Ukrainian communications, as well as unusual battle performance.

20.03 Reports say that NATO planes continue to deliver weapons/'non-lethal aid' to Ukraine. It is said that in Dnepopetrovsk, 4 planes land daily. Currently said to deliver armed Humvees. The article argues they may be used to launch a quick surprise attack on an area freed from heavy weapons.

19.03 Unknowns shot at Givi car in Makeevka; he jumped out of the car and reurned fire. Not injured, the car was hit 12 times. Rusvesna report, video=English subs

18.03 Warning on UAF provocation in Stanitsa Luganskaia. Dressed up in DPR uniform, fired on a bridge and set a building on fire. Filming crews in tow with them Cassad

17.03 Zakharchenko and Plotnsiskii are saying that Kiev torpedoed Minsk 2 agreement by modifying special status law and requiring new elections first. Those measures were not discussed or agreed with them. They say that Kiev aims at destroying them by economic blockade and violence, and that until they got special status they cannot negotiate with Kiev (Vesti), Zakharchenko goes further to say that they may have to liberate the rest of the region which supported self-rule in a referendum, and negotiate with Kiev as equal partners thereafter (Cassad).

Rada consideres parts of Donbas 'temporary occupied (motion 2396, with 280 deputies in favor) . This is in addition to special status law, heavily criticized by DPR/LPR and Russia as not following Minsk 2 agreements.

16.03 About 10 Ukrainian tanks, some with "DPR" insignia painted, attacked DPR positions at Shirokino

Donetsk briefly shelled from heavy artillery. Also Spartak, a place near Donetsk , was attacked by UAF

Riots against UAF in Ukrainian-held Konstantinovka, after a woman was hit by UAF armored vehicle. More photos, videos, also here on Cassad. UAF barracks surrounded, crowd attempted to set it on fire. Ukraine brings troops, national guard and infantry.

12.03 OSCE: mass withdrawal of military equipment from contact line in east Ukraine. Ukraine starts military exercises near the separation line. DPR announced military exercises as well, said to be outside of 50 km zone from the separation line.

11.03 Poroshenko thanked for additional "non-lethal" U.S. security assistance to Ukraine, particularly drones, radios, counter-mortar radars, night vision devices and other equipment worth $75 million, as well as 230 Humvees.

New US sanctions announced -(Dugin, Gubareva sanctioned in particular).

Video/text: UAF shells Shirokino, --soldiers comments show that they enjoy that a civilian house is destroyed, anticipate they can do some marauding.

Ukraine artillery shelled LPR town Zolotoe and coalmine "Pervomaiskoe"

09.03 Fighting reported in Shirokino near Mariupol -rusvesna quoting Semchenko, ex-combat of Donbas.

08.03 Ukraine reported that withdrawal of heavy weapons, including Uragan, was completed. Later Basurin raised doubts saying that heavy weapons are moved by just 20-30 km and this can be undone in a couple of hours time.

Mozgovoi wounded (shrapnel wounds to head) by MON 50 mine or IED blast hitting his car, near checkpoint at Mikhailovka. His condition is described as "satisfactory". He is quoted saying that he "will live". Provocation by National guard, possibly dressed in opolchenie or Russian army uniforms was suggested/blames/hinted. He already gave an interview himself addressing the matter, looking quite OK. Talked mostly about building Novorossia. Said to "forgive" (which sounded a bit like ignore) the perpetrators.

03.03 Opolchenie reported that Donetsk airport area was shelled by Ukraine. OSCE report give details of shelling by Grad and artillery or mortars; also notes that there was small arms fire fire coming from the North West

Poroshenko decree creates constitutional committee. (In Russia, it is hoped that constitutional reform will give some autonomy to Donbas)

LPR completed withdrawal of heavy weapons

DPR completed as well.

It is hoped that Ukraine will complete withdrawal of heavy weapons by March 7.

02.03 Kiev recalled its Ambassador from Moscow for consultations

According to rusvesna, there is an agreement for the whole Ukrainian government to resign (hryvna collapse is blamed)