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30 Sept. DPR was shelled 863 times by Ukraine in the past week; 2 DPR soldiers killed, and 3 were wounded (1 civilian and 2 DPR soldiers). DAN News/Basurin and DPR Human Rights ombudsman Darya Morozova.

Israel’s President Confronts Ukrainians With Their Past, Foreign Policy, September 30, 2016

Rivlin: Many collaborators to the crimes (in WW2) were Ukrainians. And among them, the fighters of the OUN.

28 Sept. Brit charged with two terrorism offences linked to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, The Sun. Believed to be the first terrorism charges brought in the UK relating to the conflict. He is said to be in the 'international brigade' on the side of oplochenie. Protests took place in St. Petersburg, Russia (reported on Oct. 8).

Ukraine shelled DPR 204 times in the past day-Basurin. Names of Ukrainian commanders giving such orders provided.

Provocateurs from Ukraine make a video recording describing their plans to attack munition depots; have noting to do with DPR.

25.9 Number of violations by Ukraine raised, DPR was shelled 130 times in the past day, including 35 artillery shells. Zaitsevo, Ozeryanovka near Gorlovka, Alexandrovka west of Donetsk, and northern Donetsk were hit DAN news, DNI news (Eng.) DPR complained to OSCE and JCCC representatives.

23.9 DPR was shelled 423 times in the past week, a reduction from past averages. Report with daily graphics in DAN news report.

Possible supplies of lethal weapons from the United States to Ukraine will adversely impact the process of peace settlement in Donbass-Denis Pushilin, TASS (Eng.). Russia expressed concern as well.

The US House of Representatives passed the Stability and Democracy for Ukraine Act which allows a possibility of sending lethal weapons to Ukraine, but it still requires the US Senate's approval

21.9 A framework agreement on the disengagement of warring parties in Donbass was signed in Minsk. A security zone will be created in three disengagement sections: Zolotoye, Petrovskoye and Luganskaya. TASS (Eng.), DAN news. Signed by Zakharchenko, Plotniskki, OSCE, Russia, Ukraine.

20.9 Plotniskii announced that a coup in LPR was foiled. Something was supposed to happen to cause indignation in Ukraine, and have Ukrainian army enter and save locals from 'separatists', according to him. He also says that something similar was planned in DPR. All of that attributed to some internal enemies possibly with connections in Russia (video) (text).

24.9 Media reports quoting Sergey Rahno from LPR prosecution office: former LPR prime minister Gennady Tsypkalov committed suicide by hanging after his arrest related to the coup. Colonel of People Militia Kiselev, and former Parliament leader Karyakin also said to be involved.
Member of "Prizrak" battalion (of late Mozgovoi) denied that the battalion has anything to do with the coup or is under investigation. Twiiter account formerly belonging to Prizrak information team and said to be hacked later published an appeal claiming LPR plans a 'mop-up' operation against the battalion.
Said to be some unhappy Cossaks
'Sparta' battalion (Motorola) was dispatched to LPR from DPR to prevent the coup.

19.9 OSCE SMM chief Alexander Hug visits Zakhrachenko. Possibly for such an occasion, DPR was shelled 'only' 47 times in the past day-DAN news (for a show or not, let it just drop to zero).

Evgenii Zhilin, a founder and leader of Ukrainian anti-Maidan movement "Oplot", founded in Kharkov in 2010, was shot and killed in a Moscow restaurant. Another man at the same table was seriously wounded. According to a preliminary version, a contract killing is suspected. The killer managed to escape.

17.9 Prisoner exchange, 4 DPR civilians exchanged for two Ukrainian servicemen accused of sabotage. Two of the civilians were described as 75 years old woman and her 50 years old son, officially released by Mariupol court some one and a half weeks ago but disappeared after that and held illegally in a cellar. One Ukrainian prisoner is described as "SBU colonel Yurii Suprun" -DAN news. The other Ukrainian prisoner, Vladimir Zhemchugov, was hit by a land mine. He is interviewed by Graham Phillips right before the exchange; he appears to recover, with clear signs of old injury on his face but reasonably OK now; he and the journalist argue each defending their attitudes and accusing the other of being zombied. Zhemchugov angrily says that he came to defend his country, while the journalist is "Putin propagandon" (propagandist made into insult). Some shouting but the dialogue between the too is not happening.

According to Pavel Gubarev VK page, Evgenii Kosyak, one of the prisoners given to DPR is a former assistant head of SBU investigations for the Donetsk region, and participated in having Gubarev arrested/ On the linked video, Kosyak tells that he worked in Mariupol as a jurist and was arrested for "assisting DPR"; says he tried to help to have (arrested) Russian citizens exchanged.

DPR was shelled 53 times in the past day, calmer than before but still not quiet -DAN news. In frequently shelled Zaitsevo, near Gorlovka, a house on Geroicheskaya St. is destroyed by a direct hit 91years old woman lived there. House is shown and woman interviewed on video.

16.9 UAF command post in Krasnogorovka, Yasinovataya region, has exploded for an unknown reason, according to report (shown on a map).

Four DPR soldiers were killed in the past week, 5 people wounded (2 soldiers and 3 civilians); one civilian disappearance was reported-DAN news. Weekly Russvesna update, with number of violations graphics, maps, etc. Multiple ceasefire violations, provocations by UAF listed in the report, including several failed Ukrainian reconnaissance and sabotage group attempts.

Ukraine shelled Zaitsevo, near Gorlovka, 90 years old woman was wounded

Italian journalist Valentina Petrini, Italian public TV channel RAI 2, visits Donbass -report and two videos, (in Russian and Italian, and some English). First video starts with opolchenie showing her a water heating facility, near residential high rises. It was constantly targeted by Ukraine, and residential buildings were hit in overshots too. 3 people were killed in one of the buildings they have visited. They look into a room where a woman was killed and a child shell-shocked, through damaged building wall. Go to front lines near Zaitsevo after that, stay overnight, through Ukrainian anthem and some shelling. In the second fragment, a Russian-speaking war journalist gives her a quick intro to events from recent history, Maidan ( emergence of 'Nazi', 'Bandera', Russian language suppression, etc.), shooting of a peaceful march in Mariupol, Odessa Trade Union massacre, bombing of city administration in Luhank, 2 June 2014 --looked into and discussed by us on other pages but not well known or shown by mainstream media in the West. For the reason that those events are not shown and suppressed in the West, unimaginable in case they happened say in Western Europe, the Russian-speaking journalist feels that 'we are not part of the West'.

15.9 DPR was shelled 518 times in the past day, artillery, mortars, tank guns used DAN news, DONI news (Eng.)

Territory of two pit mines was shelled by Ukraine, resulting in loss of power and endangering lives of 289 miners under ground. They were rescued.

14.9 DPR stopped Ukrainian break-through attempt near Donetsk, one DPR soldier was killed. Order is said to be issued by Zakharcheno to stop fire from any weapon at 0:00 on Sept 15.

DPR was shelled 589 times, 6 civilians were wounded. Houses in multiple locations damaged-DAN news, DoNi (eng.). There was a talk that DPR/LPR unilaterally started (another) ceasefire, followed by later talk that Ukraine joined that ceasefire, quoting Steinmeier, to start on Sept. 15. Some German-French visit 'to Donbass' (apparently to Ukrainian-held Kramatorsk) is planned on the 15-th-TASS (Eng.).

13.9 According to DPR, Ukraine attempted reconnaissance-in-force near Gorlovka. The attempt was repelled, 3 DPR and 10 UAF soldiers were killed, according to DPR. Prior to the attack, Ukraine is said to ask for 'silence regime', under the pre-text of de-mining work.

12.9 DPR detained a juvenile group said to be recruited by Ukrainian special services member (named as Igor Ritzko, call name "Almaz"). The group is accused of sabotage acts in the republic- DAN news, DONI news (Eng.)

Over 23,000 houses damaged in Donetsk republic since start of war, DONI news (Eng.)

11.9 DPR was shelled 229 times in the past day (approaching pre-ceasefire levels) -DAN news. Ukraine opened mortar fire at the western suburb of Donetsk, in the vicinity of Yasinovataya and the village of Sakhanka in the Novoazovsky district -DoNi news (Eng.)

10.9 UAF shelled Spartak settlement, north of Donetsk, using 122 mm artillery and mortars. Fighting in Avdeevka industrial zone is reported. 97 mortar shells fired by UAF on Mineralnoe settlement near Yasinovataya.

Attempted provocation near settlement Krutaya Balka, by reconnaissance and sabotage groups of special operations forces of the UAF 73rd special purpose maritime center, to bombard the settlement and UAF units. The action was aimed at provoking a response, and recording 'ceasefire violations by DPR' by lined-up for the task journalists. As a result of this failed provocation UAF lost two wounded soldiers and was forced out back to Ukrainian territory.

9.9 According to DPR, 526 violations of ceasefire in the past week by Ukraine. Weapons banned by Minsk used by Ukraine 264 times.

08.09 Mortar shelling of DPR overnight, 30 mortar shells were fired

07.09 DPR soldier was killed when UAF shelled Trudovskie settlement, Petrovskii district of Donetsk. It is believed that an anti-tank grenade launcher was fired from positions of 'Donbas-Ukraine' battalion in Ukrainian-held Marinka -DAN news

TASS: The head of the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Jury Artemenko believes that "Inter" TV channel is itself is to blame for being attacked by radicals (videos) "You have to admit, what happened is just a consequence, and the reason is your programming concept." Today they set you on fire, and if you will not not come to your senses, you may be shot tomorrow. And no one will do anything". In the end, parliamentary committee on freedom of speech condemned the attack.

On September 4, radicals entered "Inter TV" building, used fire extinguishers to disorient guards and employers. Lots of smoke is seen on camera after that. Exit was blocked. Fake demonstrators outside were used to distract attention, help attackers, and eventually cover arsonists escape from the building. Extinguishers and spray were used against employees. Some liquid was poured on the counter near the entrance and set on fire. Couple of female employees were pushed out from the exit, while other employees escaped to upper floors, roof and balcony to get fresh air. Eventually firefighters arrived. Several people required medical attention, but no reported casualties. "Inter" is part of "U.A. Inter Media Group" holding, Firtash and Levochkin are the owners.
For more, see Arson attack on Inter TV -- Petri Krohn (talk) 23:07, 7 September 2016 (UTC)

06.09 Poroshenko: political solution, ie constitutional changes, elections law in Donbas, will not happen until there are 'right conditions' , security situation, 'withdrawal of Russian troops and equipment', 'Ukrainian control of the border. Once again, changing the agreed sequence of steps in Minsk agreements and propaganda added. RIA article illustrates levels of fulfillment of Minsk agreements as viewed by both sides.

05.09 DPR was shelled 49 times by Ukraine in the past day, despite the announced ceasefire. 122 mm artillery, 82 and 120 mm mortars, BMP guns, grenade launchers, small firearms were used-DAN news

François Hollande:

In Ukraine, we must continue the Minsk process, address current bottlenecks, including the implementation of the special status, the security situation and the lack of trust between the parties. We agreed to organize in the coming weeks a summit between Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine.

Putin: No alternative to Normandy format, may have to interact with Poroshenko. But the point is not to meet for the sake of meeting, but to have some positive developments, on the road towards settlement. I am under impression that nobody wants to meet for the sake of meeting, except maybe Prooshenko. Don't know, have not talked to him for a long time. Russian transcript; English transcript forthcoming

04.09 DPR was shelled 37 times in the past day-DAN news. This is considerably less than before this latest period of calm announced, yet again, as many times in the past, not a full stop.

03.09 Ukraine starts large scale training for reservists, to prepare for for possible mobilization of reservists in case of 'an open aggression' -TASS.

02.09 Despite supposed ceasefire, several mortar shells were fired by UAF on Donetsk, Petrovskii district and near mine pit "Oktiabtskaya'

01.09. Ceasefire was agreed from 00:00 on 1 of September. In the past day, DPR was shelled 139 times by Ukraine, but in the night of 1 September ceasefire was 'in general' observed. Later in the day, at 18:35, a civilian was wounded by an Ukrainian sniper in Alexandrovka settlement , Petrovskii district of Donetsk -DAN news