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Tower22 is a US base near to the Jordanian border with Syria. It is used to supply the illegal US Base Al Tanf in Syria. In late January 2024 it was hit by some kind of projectile, causing several soldiers to die and dozens wounded.

According to sources cited by John Helmer below, the support base Tower22 hosts 350 US soldiers, while Al Tanf only (illegally) hosts 200 US Soldiers.

On February 3, the US did fire in retaliation what they claim were 125 projectiles on 85 targets in the region. The Syrian government, the Iraqi army and the PMU, which is integrated into the Iraqi army, complained that the US is harming their efforts to counter terrorism by the remains of ISIS. The Jordanian Airforce denies reports about having had any involvement in these attacks and empathizes their respect for their neighbours sovereignty.