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27 Nov. GasChamberGate finally reaches mainstream media. The Guardian finally publishes a story on the OPCW leaks after OPCW defend their hoax Syria report. Peter Hitchens calls Trump’s missile strike a scandal.

26 Nov. It is said (with some photo and video backing) that pro-government airplanes destroyed Kurdish-run oil smuggling facilities and tanker trucks in the vicinity of Tarhin settlement near the city of Al-Bab in Aleppo province, northern Syria. It is claimed that oil was smuggled through Jarablus and Erbil region in northern Iraq to Turkey. "Major" Yusuf al-Hamoud, representative of the "Syrian National Army" (TFSA) is quoted claiming that Russian airplanes have been involved (SANA, Rusvesna).

15 Nov. SANA publishes the English translation of an extensive interview Assad gave to Russian media (video in Arabic).

13 Nov. Turkey has started to send imprisoned ISIS fighters back to their European countries of origin and thanks Germany and the Netherlands for cooperation.

The initial examination of Mesurier's body and the testimony of his wife suggest suicide.

11 Nov. Turkish media reports that White Helmets-founder James Le Mesurier was found dead near his home in Istanbul after "he may have fallen from the balcony of his apartment". (Follow-up article)