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Front page of NY Daily News after Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki July 17, 2018
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Trump loves Putin
Putin plotted to hack America
How is Sergei Skripal connected to Russiagate?

RussiaGate was a criminal conspiracy by the Obama administration, the Clinton campaign, and the Deep State to steal the US presidential elections of 2016 and prevent the Trump presidency, thus enabling the continuation of the US covert war on Syria and the preparation of a war on Russia.

Is Russia the enemy?

  • Democrats Need to Unite the Country Against Russia - John Stoehr, Washington Monthly, January 31, 2018
    The Democrats should do everything they can to tie the Republicans to something most sane people would agree, even if they are hopelessly polarized, is an indisputable threat to the United States—Russia.
    I think Russia is a solution to political polarization. The Democrats should and must start using Russia as a way to break through the vicious cycle consuming the parties, Washington, and the whole country. Russia is our enemy. This is a fact. It attacked our presidential election. It continues to attack us in what is emerging as a new Cold cyberwar. In tying the Republicans to an enemy, the Democrats have the potential to break the Republicans. Do they stand with America or do they stand with Russia? The best part is that the Democrats do not have to lie, distort or otherwise misrepresent reality to make the case."

Did Russia Elect Trump?

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What is Russiagate?

Is there a 'Deep State'?

DNC Leak

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Steele dossier

Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS

  • Donald Trump dossier: intelligence sources vouch for author's credibility -The Guardian, January 12, 2017
    Over a career that spanned more than 20 years, Steele performed a series of roles, but always appeared to be drawn back to Russia; he was, sources say, head of MI6’s Russia desk. When the agency was plunged into panic over the poisoning of its agent Alexander Litvinenko in 2006, the then chief, Sir John Scarlett, needed a trusted senior officer to plot a way through the minefield ahead – so he turned to Steele. It was Steele, sources say, who correctly and quickly realised that Litvinenko’s death was a Russian state “hit”.
  • Inside the battle between an anti-Putin banker and the firm that produced the Trump-Russia dossier -Business Insider, July 27, 2017
    Steele, who served for decades on the MI6 Moscow desk, was hired by Fusion in October 2015 to investigate whether the Trump campaign had ties to Russia. Fusion itself had been hired by unnamed anti-Trump Republicans who dropped their funding for the project when Trump won the GOP nomination. Democrats believed to have links to the Clinton campaign later started to foot the bill.
    The wealthy investor (Bill Browder), who renounced his US citizenship in 1998, has since characterized Fusion's work for BakerHostetler as a "smear campaign" against him and Magnitsky carried out "in advance of congressional hearings on the Global Magnitsky Act." Fusion has denied that its opposition research against Browder on behalf of BakerHostetler was an effort to undermine the Magnitsky Act, and has insisted that Veselnitskaya's lobbying activities against Magnitsky were separate from the Prevezon proceedings.
  • Oleg Deripaska in his Daily Caller op-ed piece talks about Fusion GPS in particular.
  • Christopher Steele, the Man Behind the Trump Dossier - Jane Mayer, The New Yorker, March 12, 2018 (archive)
  • Unpacking the Other Clinton-Linked Russia Dossier - Lee Smith, RealClearInvestigations, April 26, 2018

Christopher Steele exposes FIFA

Who else was involved in creating the dossier?

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Joseph Mifsud

Did GCHQ spy on Trump Tower?

Leaked document claiming Susan Rice asked GCHQ to spy on Trump Tower

Mueller Investigation

FISA abuse memo

The memo: PDF, text, Scribd

Exposing the conspiracy behind the Russiagate hoax

The key players in the RussiaGate conspiracy

DNC lawsuite