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Maidan and post-Maidan, 2014

Destroying Ukraine, 2014.

Broken settlement agreement

"Agreement on the settlement of the political crisis in Ukraine" (RIA; RU Wikipedia), was signed on 21 February, 2014 by Yanukovich and the opposition and witnessed by EU representatives. However, Maidan demanded that Yanukovich resign by 10 am on 22 February, threatening an armed uprising.

Having Yanukovich gone

Biden: I told him (Yanukovich) that it was all over. It's time to withdraw your militants, and he left (from his book "Promise me, Dad," as quoted by, Ukrainian UNIAN, 25/26 December 2017).

Yanukovich left Kiev in the evening of 21 february, 2014, said to go to a regional conference in Kharkov, for never to come back. He was evacuated to Russia from Crimea on the night of 22-23 February, 2014 ([ TASS, March 15, 2015).

Selecting Ukrainian government

Illegal pre-trial release of dirt on Manafort

Joe Biden