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  • BBC: 80 % of economy is service sector. Out of 5 known post-brexit EU trade models, Norway and Switzerland models are largely similar to present (free movement and contribution to EU budget required); others (Canada, Turkey) do not cover services. Singapore and Hong Kong models have no tariffs and probably too open for UK (and perhaps not sufficient for financial services)
  • Brussels rejects Boris Johnson 'pipe dream' over single market access , The Guardian, June 27, 2016

More on Boris Johnson Brexit 'pipe dream'. Pound was around 1.47 to dollar before the Brexit; 1.21 on October 11, 2016, an 18 % drop. (Bigger drop than several months after the US 9/11 )

Immigration, NHS


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After Brexit referendum

With well conducted brief video interview with organizer Keiran MacDermott on top
Few UK politicians – fearful of challenging the verdict of an already angry electorate – will articulate such an argument [for second referendum] in public. But Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, has boldly made the case for a second referendum or another general election on the negotiated terms of exit. Robin Butler, the former head of the civil service, has suggested the same.
The UK Government responded (along the predictable lines) and deferred decision on debate.

(Parliament vote made to happen by judiciary, with no changes as a result; Brexit formally initiated...)

'Theresa May seeks general election' -BBC, Apr. 18, 2017.

Iraq inquiry

Blair response, on embedded video in "Tony Blair says world is better as a result of Iraq War", BBC, 7 July 2016, and full response


"Litvinenko expert took his own life" - The Times, November 25 2016



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