US presidential elections 2020

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See also US presidential elections (2016) and Fraud allegations
It's not the people who vote that count - it's the people who count the votes.
Bloomberg-Hillary ticket wins elections
Russia and China are interfering in the US election process
Trump supporters ride ratmobiles and prepare for civil war

Do elections matter?

Delay the elections

Defending democracy

Blame China

See also Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

Rigging the election

The primaries


Putin will hack the elections

See also Fraud allegations

Whom will Putin choose?

The Bidens

The fly chose Pence
See also Joe Biden and Ukraine

The night of the living dead

Hunter Biden's laptop

See Hunter Biden's laptop

Biden wins polls

Will the loser accept the result?

The Disruption Project publishes a guide for weaponized non-violence and color revolution
Mainstream sources all say Biden will win.

Whose coup?


Preparing for a Disputed Presidential Election: An Exercise in Election Risk Assessment and Management - Edward B. Foley, Loyola University Chicago Law Journal, Volume 51, Issue 2 Winter 2019

The Resitance

See also Anti-Trump protests


Shut Down USA

See also US Civil War


Twenty states join Texas law suite in Supreme Court.
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Still unclear

Trump won!

Biden thinks he is President

Battle lines

The "Green Zone" in Washington DC ahead of the January 20 inaguration

Storming of the US Capitol







Blame Russia