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Not to be confused with batmobile.
Overambitious ratmobilists in Libya, 2011
Ratmobile convoy in Anbar province, Iraq, 2014 (Photo: US State Department)
Dead Ratmobile, Mali, 2013
Ratmobile on steroids (Libya 2015)
a mischief of armored ratmobiles
Brand new Toyotas at the site of the Camp Speicher massacre in Tikrit in 2014
Ratmobile to be backbone of Russian Army "Super-Light Battalion" announced in December 2016.
Ukrainian Banderomobile

A Ratmobile, also Technical[1] is the favorite means of transportation for Islamist fighters, spotted en masse at least since the 2011 western-supported campaign to get rid of Libya's independent government.[2] But already in 1987 a conflict between Chad and Libya has been dubbed the "Toyota War" thanks to the achievements of the Chadian army utilizing ratmobiles of that brand.[3] Recently they have been introduced to Ukraine by the pro-Maidan forces.[4][5][6] Often ratmobiles are a gift from wealthy foreign donors.[5][7]

Ratmobiles consist of a light flatbed truck, often Toyota,[8][9][10] with mounted more or less heavy weapons - the 12.7mm Soviet-era heavy machine gun nicknamed Dushka ("Sweetie" in Russian) being the most common choice. Typically manned by 6-8 young men in black clothes longing for the 7th century and engaging in feverish allahuakbarking.[11]

The modern ratmobile has its origins in the tachanka,[5] a horse-drawn platform mounting a heavy machine gun, invented by Ukrainian revolutionary Nestor Makhno,[12] who gave his name to Makhnovshchina – a state of violent anarchistic chaos.

The first vehicle carrying weapons, the Ur-mobile,[13] was manufactured in Ur, south of Baghdad, Iraq, around 2500 b.c. Around 1884 c.e., Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim invented the machine gun.[14] At first machine guns were mounted on elephants. The ratmobile combines a wheeled vehicle with a machine gun, resulting in a highly mobile platform of terror.[15]

A group of ratmobiles is called a mischief.


  • An armored ratmobile is called a shushpantser.
  • A jihad mobile is used for suicide attacks. It is often made by adding armor to a ratmobile. Sometimes IFVs or even main battle tanks are used.
  • According to recent leaks, the Russian military-industrial complex is working on Nanoratmobiles.
  • Iranian ratmobiles have recently been seen armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles.
  • A machine gun can also be mounted on a shopping cart or a wheelbarrow.
  • Russia has experimented with mounting a machine gun on the chassis of T-72 tank.[16]
    BMPT, armored vehicle of tank support "terminator", is an established, major, industrial-grade piece of military equipment (essentially a T-72 variant). Its multiple automatic guns, + PKMT, + AGS, are used to suppress infantry and protect tanks, especially in city battles; it also has multiple anti-tank missile launchers. Design is based on experience in Afghanistan and Chechnya, when 'Shilka' was used for a similar role. Video (Eng) explains differences between BMPT 1 (T-90 based) and 2 (T-72 based, cheaper, lighter, less crew members, other deficiencies also fixed)
  • Russian off-road Sherp beats the crap out of Detroit's competition, in a swamp-hogging exercise

ISIS Ratmobile Origins

Suicide vehicles

  • Stopped by Kurds, December 26, 2015
  • Rusvesna, report, photos and video (those captured vehicles are shown in the second half of the video, a loaded Mitsubishi pickup, also a BMP), June 20, 2016.


Controversial Dakota Johnson SNL - ISIS Toyota Commercial (plus original commercial snippet)

actual IS video, for comparison (Russian with English subs)



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