USS Donald Cook incident

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Reliable sources

"Apparently, the Americans have not forgotten the April 2014 incident when one Su-24 practically 'blacked out' all of the electronics on board the newest American destroyer Donald Cook," the source said.
According to documentary film Crimea-the road to the Motherland (Крым. Путь на Родину) , Russia deployed in Crimea modern coast defense missile system Bastion, and made sure it is visible from space. They than illuminated Tomahawk-equipped Donald Cook, with Crimea in the range, with "Bastion" radar. At that point, Donald Cook turned back. According to Putin interview in the film, low-flying overflight was a local initiative and he was not informed; he described it as 'children play '/'hooliganism'. Some sources say SU 24 was unarmed.
  • Russia claims this bomb can DESTROY the entire US Navy - Alexander Mercouris, The Duran, April 19, 2017
    Khibiny – carried by SU-24 and SU-30 fighter bombers and operational since 2013. This was the system which was used to jam the radar systems of the US navy destroyer Donald Cooke in a notorious incident which took place during the peak of the Crimean crisis in 2014. TASS has provided the first semi-official account of what happened
  • Russia’s cutting-edge weaponry capable of ‘blinding’ enemy's army - TASS, April 19, 2017
    The Khibiny EW system differs from the previous-generation technology by its increased power and intelligence capability. It can assist in aircraft weapons control, create a deceptive electronic environment and help break through an enemy’s layered air defenses.
    This is what happened with the US destroyer Donald Cook in 2014 when the warship’s air defense systems locked on a Russian Su-24 plane.
    The data appearing on the warship’s radars put the crew at a loss: the aircraft would now and then disappear from radar screens or suddenly change its location and speed or create electronic clones of additional targets while the destroyer’s information and weaponry control combat systems were actually disabled. Considering that the warship was in the Black Sea some 12,000 kilometers away from the US territory, it was not difficult to imagine what the destroyer’s crew felt.
  • Russia able to 'neutralise US warships', report claims - Daily Mail, April 19, 2017
    Front line bomber Sukhoi Su-24 flew around the ship, which the report was equipped with the latest US defence system Aegis, the newsreader announced. The report then claims to have found an account of the incident by one of the ship's crew on social media revealing how there was 'mysticism' onboard as the ship's locating devices shut down.
    'The pride of our fleet became our shame,' the crew member is reported as saying - though their identity is not revealed.

Russian EW capabilities

Baltic Sea, 2016

  • While in operational proximity to the Russian naval base of the Baltic Fleet, the principle of freedom of navigation of US Navy destroyer does not negate the principle of freedom of aeronautics of Russian aircraft, according to Russian MOD Konashenkov.
'aeronautics' video, April 13, 2016