Russian special operation in Ukraine

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For previous speculation, see 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine speculation
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Putin's orders

Day Z (February 24)

Feb 24 Heliborne assault on Hostomel airfield See Talk:Russian_special_operation_in_Ukraine#February_24 and CNN report

Some sources. Official reports, by Konashenkov, here. Unofficial, Strelkov comments, almost daily

Day Z+1 (February 25)

Day Z+2 (February 26)

Day Z+3 (February 27)

Day 5 (February 28)

Day 6 (March 1)

Day 7 (March 2)

Day 8 (March 3)

Day 9 (March 4)

Day 10 (March 5)

Day 11 (March 6)

Day 12 (March 7)

Theatre of War, March 11 according to @JominiW. See also map by DragonFirst

Day 13 (March 8)

Day 15

Phase 2

See also: Talk.






Northern Crimea water channel



  • 25 Feb 10 pm: Russian forces have reached Rivne airport in Western Ukraine




  • 26 Feb 11 am: 🇷🇺🇺🇦❗Battles near Brody. This is Western Ukraine.

Ukrainian resistance

  • Kharkov
  • Mariupol
    Interview with Sergey Volynskii, aka "Volyna", commander of Ukr. 36 marines brigade at "Azovstal", now a prisoner in Russia. He says that his unit surrendered on orders from the very top. --Milchronicles Telegram (also Cassad, AIF), June 27, 2022


Day Z

  • 10 am: France24 reports 8 Ukrainians have died.
  • 10 pm: Ministry of Health of Ukraine says 57 Ukrainians have died.
  • Z+1 0:51 am: At least 137 Ukrainians confirmed dead, more than 300 injured in Russian attacks - 🇺🇦 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky
  • Z+1 10 am: Russian Armed Forces destroyed 18 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 7 MLRS, 41 units of military vehicles and 5 combat boats during the operation in Ukraine - Russian Defense Ministry.
  • March 2: Russian MoD: The losses of Russia during the special operation amounted to 498 people. Ukraine - more than 2.8 thousand.
  • March 13: UN Says 564 Civilians Killed So Far in Ukraine
  • Sharii: 294 Ukrainian soldiers killed in a single day In Nikolaev region; apparently in March 19 strike on 79 ODShB; he has names and DoB details and considers publishing this info.


October 2022

Ukrainian losses estimates quoted by Russian sources are in the range 100-400 thousand in "irreversible losses" .

Russian losses, not known; an estimate by Kvachkov, "more than in Afghanistan" (Soviet losses in Afghanistan, 40K; it is unclear what are his sources, and what losses he claims to describe, killed/wounded/departed. In the early stages of the operation, there were no legal consequences of breaking the contract, and those "500" numbers were said to be significant. Direct losses in early stages of operation could be significant, but no reliable numbers/dynamics. Official toll is way lower.

Official Russian numbers, end of September: Ukrainian losses, 61207 killed, 50K wounded; Russian forces, 5937 killed. The latter seems low; but/and likely it does not include L/DPR, volunteers, PMC, and perhaps national guard.

Kadyrov: in the week of 23 Oct, 2022 one of Chechen units in Kherson region came under Ukrainian artillery fire; 23 fighters were killed and 58 wounded, 4 of them seriously (announcement and discussion -1, 2).

DPR ombudsman 1, 2: Since the beginning of the year, 3,539 employees of law enforcement agencies have died in the DPR, 14,989 have been injured. Also, 1014 civilians were killed, 3265 were injured.

December 2022

Guerra en Ukraina, December 16, 2022 (in Spanish)

Claims of Ukrainian attack plans


Fake news

International responses (non-neutral)

List of countries supplying weapons to Ukraine

Assistance for Ukraine regime #StandWithUkraine

See also Talk:Russian_special_operation_in_Ukraine, Talk:Ukraine_news/Current#Western_lethal_weapons

As one senior diplomat puts it: “If you look at all the options, our strategic interest is probably best served in a long war, a quagmire that drains him militarily and economically so he cannot do this again.”

Sanctions on Russia


US technology, a longtime tool for Russia, becomes a vulnerability - The New York Times. Free access summary in Rus. here on June 3, 2022.

Russian measures to counter sanctions

  • "The West defaulted on its obligations" uttered.
  • Nabiullina reappointed
  • Debt to corresponding countries is to be returned in rubles
  • Gas is to be sold in rubles (other commodities may follow)
  • "parallel imports" allowed (i.e. without the permission of the copyright holders)
  • Western software is not to be used in sensitive areas.

Western participation in war

He sent out his last tweet on April 27, basically reposting a tweet by a former CIA agent captioned “Facts.” The agent’s text reads: "Actually, it started long time ago. We learned this between 2014-2022. Not just now. It was a lab experiment on Russian TTPs [tactics, techniques and procedures]. On the EW [electronic warfare]. On everything. This is why Ukrainians (with our advice/assistance) are doing so well. Ask those in the IC [Intelligence community] or the UW [unconventional warfare] communities. We learned a shit ton.”
*James Gordon Meek should not be confused with a London based journalist named James Meek.

Boots on the ground

Information war

See also Totalitarian Media Regime

Mariupol Hospital Bombed, March 9

Main article Mariupol hospital bombing
Locals reports that Ukraine’s Armed Forces kicked out personnel of natal hospital #1 of the city of Mariupol and set up a firing site within the facility. Besides, they fully destroyed one of the city’s kindergartens.