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See also Bucha massacre


There have been numerous reports that Ukraine is trying to manufacture a Bucha-style press campaign after their troops entered Izium (including people detained by Ukraine in captured area on on minor pretexts, or none at all) (sample: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Western mass media is eager to pick up the Ukrainian version of the story, in addition to shamelessly promoting and cheering up their side in general.

Accusation sources


Western Media

“My daughter had a chronic illness from childhood and was disabled, and she didn’t survive all this. It was impossible to get the medicines she needed, and she fell into a coma and died in May. She was 32,” says Lilia, as she tries to find her daughter’s makeshift grave among the hundreds in the forest and to ensure she will have a proper burial. Locals describe how the occupation administration of Russians and collaborators allowed a funeral home to collect the dead and inter them in the forest near an existing cemetery but would not allow funerals; relatives were barred from the area and were merely told the number of the simple wooden cross on their family member’s grave.
Asked if he could say how the victims had died, he responded: "We know that some were killed [shot dead], some died because of artillery fire, so-called mine explosion traumas. Some died because of airstrikes. Also we have information that a lot of bodies have not been not identified yet. So the reasons of death will be established during the investigations.

Timeline in Izium

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Evidential issues

  • September 20: @Malinka1102 - #Ukraine #Zelensky Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights D. Lubinets denied entry to #Izyum cemetery to journalists from leading Western media