Alleged Chemical Attack, March 25, 2013

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There was apparently yet another alleged chemical waepons allegation in the Damascus suburb of Daraya on March 25, 2013. That had to be deduced: An AP/CBS report of May 29 said the UK had just delivered to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon "new information on three further incidents of alleged chemical weapons use by the Syrian government." CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan said the incidents in question were dated March 24, March 25 and April 29. Sky News specified the three places: Adra, Darayya and "Saraqiq." The Guardian also reports, getting Saraqeb right.

March 24 was Adra (covered), and April 29 was Saraqeb (covered) So, by deduction, the March 25 incident was in Daraya, and we somehow missed it before, aside from noting a Youtube video dated three days later, perhaps in error: خطير داريا حالات اختناق بغازات الفوسفور جراء القصف 28-3-2013 (Google translated: Darya cases of suffocation dangerous gases phosphorus shelling). Channel: DaryaRevlution, coordinating city Darya Syrian revolution in Damascus (Local Coordinating Committees, local chapter, apparently).

This could be nothing more than white phosphorous poisoning, which is incidental to its use, or misuse, as a standard screening agent (can't see me smoke), used in urban fighting like this rebellion requires so much of. But as this March 25 attack, the same as the video shows or not, is being promoted now as a national-level rallying cry against chemical warfare, so perhaps more details will emerge. These wil appear either on this stub page, or on its associated discussion page.