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April 25: Same incident?

New York Times Syria activists look to a grave for evidence against Assad

The hunt for proof that Syrian government forces used banned chemical weapons may come down to a rotting corpse exhumed late last month from a makeshift cemetery near Damascus.
The grave diggers — a Syrian doctor and several medical students — were seeking tissue from the remains of a man who had died of respiratory failure after a rocket allegedly spewed poison gas on Dariya, a suburb of the Syrian capital, on April 25.
Reaching the cadaver several feet down, the team sliced open the cloth shroud, cut into the torso and removed a small piece of lung. They also took an eyeball, a lock of hair and bits of clothing, according to two fellow Syrian opposition activists who helped arrange the graveside dissection.

We have no April 25 incident, but a March 25 on in Daraya, and an April 26 attack in Bazreh (Damascus suburb, 14 km north of Daraya, no way they're confused). Problem is, that was reported, not confirmed, as a rebel use of poison gas against government troops. So ... was that one off by a day, is this date off by a month, or were there two alleged Daraya attacks a month apart? Confusing. --Caustic Logic (talk) 23:19, 1 June 2013 (UTC)