Suruç bombing

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Victims of Suruç suicide bombing


Kurdish militants claimed responsibility for the killing of two Turkish police officers on Wednesday in what they said was retaliation for a suspected Islamic State suicide bombing which killed 32 mostly young students.
The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) said in a statement on one of its websites that the two police officers were killed at around 6 a.m. in the southeastern town of Ceylanpinar for "collaboration with the Daesh (Islamic State) gangs".
Security sources earlier told Reuters the officers were found dead with bullet wounds to the head in the house they shared in Ceylanpinar, on the border with Syria about 160 km (100 miles) east of Suruc, the site of Monday's suicide bombing.
Sibel Edmonds provides details of the recent "terrorist event" in Suruc--which she suspects was staged. Edmonds was in the vicinity of Suruc at the time of the incident, and got advance tips that such an event was imminent.