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agitpapa 12 days ago

All speculation aside, here is what is known about the Diyarbakir bombing of the HDP rally on June 5 and the Suruç suicide bombing:

  • The perps were members of the "Weavers" group of ISIS terrorists recruited at the "Islam tea shop" in Adıyaman, a highly conservative, sect-infested town. Adiyaman's most powerful sect Menzil is proud to count among its members such infamous terrorists as Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu the Grey Wolves serial killer and Ökkeş Kenger, the Grey Wolves leader in Kahramanmaraş who led the pogrom against Alawites in 1978.
  • The "Weavers" group went to fight for ISIS both at Kobane and at Tal Abyad and most of them died at Tal Abyad. The survivors came back to massacre civilians in Kobane and then to carry out terrorist bombings against the HDP and PYD sympathizers. All of these terrorist activities occurred under the protection of the jihadist police and governor of Urfa province, specially appointed by Tayyip to facilitate ISIS activities there.
  • That is the Turkish aspect. The ISIS strategy behind the attacks is pretty much as Mr. Gurcan describes it. It's nothing new and has been a recurring and growing threat since the Reyhanli bombing, which ISIS carried out in retaliation against the Turkish bombardment of Azaz, which they had captured at the time. Also, Reyhanli is the HQ of the FSA, Al Nusra, and Ahrar al Sham, i.e. all the various terrorist groups sponsored and run by the Turkish intelligence agency MIT.
  • The Reyhanli bombing was organized by Haytham Topalca, who was a MIT asset but had manifestly become a double agent for ISIS. He also had a hand in the Nigde Ulukisla killings where an ISIS hit team headed for Istanbul started a firefight at a checkpoint and killed a number of military and police.
  • There is no doubt also a lot of ISIS infiltration of Turkish security services involved in the Diyarbakir and Suruç bombings. Turkey's ISIS policy may have changed but Tayyip's purges in police ranks that replaced all qualified counter-terror personnel with suitably indoctrinated jihadists make it more than likely that that purged personnel will continue to serve the cause of jihad and not Tayyip's fickle policy swings.