Kalibr strike on command center in Darat Izza

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An August 19th the Russian MoD announced that they had fired three Kalibr missiles from ships in the Eastern Mediterranean. Their video shows a direct hit on a command centre and a terrorist base in Syria. Also hit was a plant manufacturing mortar munitions. Both Sputnik and RT published stories on the strike, Sputnik titles theirs as Russian Warships Launch Cruise Missiles on al-Nusra Front Targets in Syria. According to Sputnik the terrorist command center was in Dar-Taaza (also transliterated as Dar Ezza or Daaret ‘Izza).

Sputnik Arabic published this on September 20th:

  • صواريخ "كاليبر" استهدفت قيادات عسكرية أجنبية في ديرة عزة بمحافظة حلب
    According to the source [in the] field in the province of Aleppo, that the three rockets from Caliber kind launched by the Russian ships that recently targeted operations room for terrorists in Dera Izzat west of Aleppo in the Mount Simon, which is famous for the harsh nature of the mountainous and contains ancient caves area.
    The source for "Sputnik", the operations room with 30 leading officers of the Turkish and the US and Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the British army and the Mossad, running terrorist operations in Aleppo and Idlib. (via Google translate)

It is possible that Western or GCC terrorist handlers were killed in this operation, or at least wounded. Note, that Sputnik does not say the attack happened on the week of September 20th. August 19th is still "recently", especially considering how slowly rumors of secret operations are spread.

The story was picked up by Russian and English language sources, all of them falsely assuming that the attack had happened in September, after (or possible in revenge for) the US airstrike on SAA in Deir ez-Zor

As to why Western intelligence agents would set up their terrorist command center in Darat Izza near Mount Simon, see this long comment by PavewayIV on Moon of Alabama


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