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Thanks, CE, for starting this. Will be adding, but not soon, FYI. --Caustic Logic 20:45, 13 July 2012 (EST)


-- Petri Krohn 11:33, 14 July 2012 (EST)

  • same "terrorists" among seven caught witnesses interviewed/reported by ANNA-News, translated to German here, I suspect it'll be on in English soon...
  • two of them in addition to observing villagers also appear in a report of Russian TV where one can see the fearless Anastasia Popowa jump through the village and the room with the confiscated weapons. Also with German transcript here. --CE 18:59, 17 July 2012 (EST)

I created a space on the main page for unsorted -sorry I messed it up earlier. This would've been better. Other new sections, feel free to copy things into them, or refine them further. On the name confusion, massacre, killings, operation, battle... The first thing they said, the branding they were going for until reality got in the way, is the same as always. This is another "massacre," here clearly deserving the quotes. But I prefer keeping that word, in quotes, and letting the page both remind readers what it started as, by pure habit perhaps, as well as what it seems to be.

Saw your changes and thought about renaming the page but I completely agree, it's a good lesson about the spin put on everything Syria. Will write something about the arrested "terrorists" soon. --CE 19:37, 17 July 2012 (EST)
I suggest quotes at top too, if that can be done without making a new page. It looks dumb, but that is corrected right after the title, so whichever. Great work on the arrestees - passport mysteries, pictures to with them, names, details - this is now the page for the Eastern views on it, and I didn't have to read or translate a thing. I'm just adding odds and ends from English sources, nothing heavy.

VDC Database

This might deserve a section before summary. This page never did get too crowded yet. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:00, 5 January 2014 (UTC) All Tremseh martyrs July 12 = 63 Notes: "In the Tremseh massacre, where the village was intensely shelled followed by attack by Shabiha, which resulted in the martyrdom of tens due to shelling or public execution"

56 of 63 are listed as adult males, any number of these being the described fighters who lost that day. But only one rebel is listed for July 12: Ahmad Hajak, FSA I think (Lieutenant/ Battalion Alb Arsalan). One more rebel is listed as dying the next day in Tremseh. The rest of the men are listed as local civilians - none a fighter, none from elsewhere. From: show all, martyred in: Tremseh: VDC confirms one non-local killed - the mentioned Ahmad Hajak, hailing from nearby Hama: Aqraba. Certainly no foreigners, among those who died, and got mentioned here. The death toll does seem substantially lower than it should be. And some of them likely are local civilians killed at home. There's moderate family clustering, which could happen with brothers in the same rebel group, or brothers taken by rebels from their homes. Names = Shaman x 3, Darwish x 3, Shbat x3, Najm x 3, al-Kharashi x 2, Satouf al-Harmalawi x 3...

Wife of Faruq al-Bakour, not of Mohammad Bakour. Zero girls, six boys, aged 17, 16, 13, 13, 12, 6. Mainly, fighting-age males were killed. Other women, teenage girls, younger children may have been overcome too but spared death.

Of possible note: three men from Souran (20-25 km due east) died the day before (the only 3 from Hama recorded dying that day) - kidnapping - execution. --Caustic Logic (talk) 10:00, 5 January 2014 (UTC)