Jdeidat Artouz massacre

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Jdeidat Artouz massacre.jpg

Another Syrian massacre. Make your own conclusions.

Video: Syria Executions

Bullet holes on the wall, bodies with hands tied, victims of gunshot to the head.


Another picture from the massacre at Artuz


  • Stop Assad's Massacres In Syria "...our martyrs are not number. this horrible massacre happened today 08.01.2012,,,,at least 90 martyrs have fallen, including at least 25 martyrs massacred in Jdaydet Artouz, a suburb to the SW of Damascus with a mixed population including Christians and Druze. The bodies were found dumped in groups (see pic) in various locations following a raid by Assad's forces.

The place seems to be "rural" Artuz Jadida outside Damascus.

Here is a strange story, the language (English) is so bad I do not even know who they are blaming.

Suburb of Damascus massacre