Damascus Car Bombing, Oct. 26

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Another deadly car bombing in Damascus marred the Eid Al-Adha Cease-Fire on October 26, 2012.

A Rebel Operation?

The Australian reported:

A separate car bombing in Damascus killed five people and wounded 32, Syrian state television reported. The Observatory confirmed the attack, adding that children were among the wounded. [...] Jihadist group Al-Nosra Front, which has claimed the majority of deadly car bombings and suicide attacks over the course of the conflict, has categorically rejected any truce. [1] Later government reports said the bombing killed ten and wounded 30, and occurred near a housing complex for police. [2]

Apparently, the Al-Nosra front never claimed responsibility.

A Government Operation?

Some opposition sources blamed government forces for the bombing, and made sure to point out that children weren't just injured, but killed. CNN reported:

..Some of the dead were reported to be children. The blast seemed to mock the truce that the Syrian government and rebels agreed to abide by earlier this week. [...] Rebels said the blast went off near a playground. [3]

The unnamed activist informing CNN reported signs of a government cover-up, but the local people remain unafraid and defiant:

About 15 minutes after the blast, Syria security forces showed up and shot directly at someone filming the scene, a source who CNN has spoken with before inside Syria recounted. CNN is not naming her to protect her safety. "The people were mad with grief, with rage," she said. A small demonstration formed, as Syrians chanted against the Assad regime, she said. They immediately blamed President Bashar al-Assad's forces for the bomb. "The whole neighborhood came down to the street," she said. [3]


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