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Wilayat Saina

Wilayat Saina, or the Province of Sinai was formerly known as Ansar Beit Al Maqdis before pledging allegiance to Islamic State.


  • Islamic State moves in on al-Qaeda turf - BBC Monitoring, 25 June 2015
    Its activities are focused on the Sinai Peninsula (where it launched a deadly attack on soldiers on 2 April) but it has also claimed attacks in Cairo and Egypt's western desert, suggesting it might have some ability to link up with the IS branch in Libya.
  • Islamic State Offshoot Entrenches in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula - TAMER EL-GHOBASHY, WSJ, July 8, 2015
    The pivotal position of Sheikh Zuweid came into sharp focus last week when the Islamic State affiliate that calls itself the Province of Sinai killed at least 21 Egyptian soldiers in an attack, according to the military.
    The military, which has severely restricted access to the area, says more than 200 militants were killed over three days of fighting in a bid to take the town last week.
    On the streets of Sheikh Zuweid, however, the military is now being compared unfavorably to Islamic State.
    “Targeting women and children in their homes has become the norm,” said a woman from the town. “When I pass the armed group’s checkpoints, I don’t even get harassed.”
  • Egypt Accuses Turkey of Subversion - Jacques Neriah, Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, July 14, 2015
    • The Egyptian military revealed on July 8, 2015, that it had captured Turkish intelligence officers who were actively involved in the guerrilla war waged by the Islamic State in Sinai and inside Egypt itself against the Sisi regime.
    • The Turkish National Intelligence Organization (NIO) operatives named included Col. Ismail Aly Bal (described as a coordinator of battlefield operations), Diaa al-Din Mehmet Gado, Bakoush al-Husseyni Youzmi and Abdallah al-Turki.
  • Analysis: Turkish footprints in the Sinai sands - JACOB WIRTSCHAFTER, i24 News, July 21, 2015
    Is Turkey actively involved in supporting the Islamist insurgency against Sisi, as Egyptian officials allege?
  • Bitter feud between Turkey, Egypt undercuts U.S. hopes for Middle East - Jacob Wirtschafter & Muhamed Sabry, The Washington Times, July 29, 2015
    A senior Foreign Ministry official said later that Egypt could prove Turkey was supporting the Islamic State affiliate in Sinai, Ansar Beit Al Maqdis, or Champions of Jerusalem, a terrorist group that has fired rockets at Israel and attacked security forces after the Egyptian military under Mr. el-Sisi overthrew the country’s Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi. The group also calls itself Wilayat Sinai, or Sinai Province.
    On July 4, Egyptians made public pictures of men killed or captured in Sinai who were suspected of being agents with Turkey’s intelligence agency, MiT. On July 23, the privately owned, pro-government Tahrir News identified the four men as MiT colonel Ismail Aly Bal and operatives Diaa El Din Mehmet Gado, Bakoush Al Hussaini Youzmi and Abd Allah Al Turki.
  • U.S. Policy In The Middle East Is Being Undercut By The Growing Egyptian - Turkish Feud - War News Updates, July 30, 2015
    WNU Editor: The Egyptian government is convinced that Turkey is supporting Islamic militants in the Sinai ... and the fact that Egyptian security forces have captured/arrested Turkish intelligence officers who are alleged to be linked to these recent attacks .... only adds fuel to this speculation. Either way .... relations are now rock-bottom.
    On a side note .... was this the reason why Turkey rushed to make an agreement with Washington in its war against the Islamic State .... to defuse pressure and anger that their officers were captured in Sinai (as some Israelis are now saying)? One has to wonder.

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