Southern Cauldron

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Southern Cauldron Version 1.0 was a pocket between south of the Lugansk People's Republic and north of the border to Russia in the civil war in Eastern Ukraine in late summer of 2014. East of Saur-Mogila, it ended in early August with total defeat of the forces supporting the central government and by rumours of the Kiev side and claims of the "Novorussia" side with over 3,000 dead pro-Kiev fighters and "trophies" like the Uragan in the hands of insurgents.

History repeats itself

1st time a tragedy

Strelkov takes Marinovka; 6,000 Ukraine troops trapped, 3,000 KIA

Southern Cauldron on 16 July 2014

Southern Cauldron 16 July 2014.jpg


The Southern Cauldron 2.0 refers to a Kiev loyalist counter-offensive in early August advancing to the hinterlands of Krasny Luch and being stuck a few days later in a situation where "Novorussian" forces had successfully laid a trap between them and the Russian border, cutting the attackers off from supply.

History repeats itself – farce

2nd time a farce

Gubarev takes Marinovka; 24th & 51st Brigades trapped – AGAIN!

3.0 – Amrvrosievka Cauldron

Situation on August 27th according to the Donetsk militia. (For the official ATO version, see here.)

Ukrainian Forces Surrounded – DPR.png

NAF breakout south on August 24

Screenshot from Military Maps August 24 at 2:25 pm EET

Amrvrosiivka Boiler 24 Aug 14-25.jpg