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Russian trolls rule America!


  • Judy Asks: Should the West Impose More Sanctions on Russia? (John Lough), Carnegie Europe, October 19, 2016
    There are strong grounds for expanding sanctions to target key individuals in the Russian propaganda effort designed to misinform both domestic and foreign audiences about Western goals and behavior toward Russia. This is consolidating support for a system and set of policies that are becoming increasingly dangerous and threatening to Western security interests.
    The United States and the EU should move together to impose asset freezes and travel bans on the heads of state media organizations as well as editors, presenters, and reporters involved in official disinformation efforts.
  • Revealed! SouthFront Is Run by 'the Russian Military' - SouthFront, May 24, 2016


Fake news



House bill H.R. 6393 (passed House), ‘‘Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017’’: Sec. 501. Committee To Counter Active Measures By The Russian Federation To Exert Covert Influence Over Peoples And Governments, 22 Nov 2016

Inaugural benedictions were not Russian

A number of religious benedictions or similar pronouncements were delivered at President Trump inauguration. In particular the one delivered by Rabbi Hier of Simon Wiesenthal Center,Psalm 137 based, was the first of its kind and quite widely discussed. In particular, it was speculated that it may have to do with a theory that President Putin considers Israel a Russian Federation dominion, with about 1 million or so of its citizens holding a Russian passport. That theory is not quite true as it stands, despite the quotations, but in any case, Rabbi Hier is of Polish origin and there is nothing 'Russian' about him at all. --Resup (talk) 13:36, 21 January 2017 (UTC)

“My parents escaped in the ’20s from Poland ", Rabbi Hier was quoted saying.






"Kremlin" produced anti-Navalnyi "hips-don't lie" video, telling a little schoolboy to stay away from politics, 'start with yourself", "go study the basics". Navalnyi admits all is lost, produces with NATO psy-ops help a response pro-Putin video

Some identified sources used in Navalnyi's psy-op video: one is Budaev's re-rendering (going several years back) of 'White Sun of the Desert"; there is also graphics resembling scenes from "Master and Margarita"; other stuff of unknown origin meshes quite well with those. "Putin with Snowden" is from Budaev too, second pic here (+ more in this album is on video); "with Yanukovich on Maidan", 4th pic here. Title pic is Budaev again.

Social media

Certain Valentin Ivanovich Turchinov (DOB 1909), namesake of father of Alexander Turchinov (DOB 1964), served in 1942 in a German army's prisoners work battalion in Lannion, France, and was punished and served in a Russian camp after the war. Further claimed that actually he later served in 447 punishers battalion committing war crimes in anti-partisan operations in Bryansk region; but interrogation page document appears quite new and at least not the original. Used to make a case against Alexander Turchinov (though a bit late for fatherhood, and a different wife). Here the story pretty-presented and cheered up, sort of, by pro-Bandera users, part mockery, part extra admiration of the "Bloody Pastor' image.