Nabk Massacre

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The Nabk Massacre is a reported mass-killing of at least about 150 civilians in Nabk, north of Damascus in the Qalamoun region, at the time of intense clashes between primarily Islamist rebels and government forces. Opposition records show, from Dec. 6-13, 129 field-executed civilians from Nabk. Notes: "Martyred a number of civilians slaughtered with a knife by regime forces, where they were sheltering in the cellars of houses due to shelling and their bodies were burned" This plus another 20 civilians from elsewhere but martyred there (internally displaced, mainly) makes 149 listed. Breakdown: 42 adult males, 54 adult females, 28 male children, 25 female children. Names of note from Homs people: Qaysoon x 2, Qasem and al-Jaeour x3, Suleiman, all from Talbiseh originally)


Details are still sketchy, but it appears that President Assad’s forces have killed dozens of civilians in the town of an-Nabk (an-Nabek), 65 kilometers north of Damascus — a day after “poisonous gases” amid regime bombardments caused at least seven deaths.
Activists claim that an Iraqi militia fighting for Assad raided homes, seized residents — including women and children — and executed them. More than 40 people were killed, activists say.
The Syrian National Coalition on Saturday said that the mass killing had taken place in the al-Fattah neighborhood of the town. The Coalition claims that the civilians killed had been hiding in a basement of a building, and that after the killings, Assad’s forces set fire to the bodies in an attempt to destroy any evidence.
The opposition Qalamoun Media Center said it has not been able to reach Nabk and Assad forces have cut all communications. However, activists said that one of the victims was able to send a message to a relative describing the scene before she was killed.
Meanwhile, claimed photographs are circulating on Twitter: Abu Shahed leader of Thu Alfiqar liwa (iraqi shia group) is taking one of Alnabk civilians to execute him [This photograph was later established to have been posted on LiveLeak on December 4, so could not have been of Saturday's claimed executions.]
  • Liveleak, a couple of alleged photos - one shows five small boys dead, another an injured girl being lifted by an Islamist. Troubling text:
In city of Nabk 44 bodies found: 22 children, 11 women. Today another 40 found: 13 children. Slaughtered by pro Assad Iraqi Shia in Syria.. May Allah Azzawajal have mercy on their souls and grant them highest heavens. May Allah SWT send his wrath upon the Shia and destroy them ya RABBAL ALAMIN.
The sons of muttah have a goal of cleansing syria of muslims(sunni) because they think that if they capture syria, that their cave mahdi(dajjal) will come out of the cave and save them.
The shia's will pay a huge price for what thet have done in syria
At least 40 bodies of men, women and children were discovered on Saturday in the Syrian town of al-Nabk, a Damascus suburb, in an apparent new massacre, the Syrian Revolutionary Council reported, following a heavy shelling campaign by the regime’s army.
The opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC) issued a statement hours earlier calling upon countries of the “free world” to “protect civilians in Syria and to intervene immediately” after news of the heavy shelling on Nabk surfaced.