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Animals usually play only supporting roles in massacre porn productions. The most popular extras are maggots and flies. Here is a rare exception where animals are given the leading roles.

Massacre porn is video material created, edited and distributed to arouse maximal emotional response.[1] Massacre porn shows victims of violence but generally lacks any context, time, place or any way to identify the victims or their killers. It focuses on gory details and the suffering of surviving victims. This nature of massacre porn discourages any critical analysis of the content.

Distributing massacre porn on social media sites such as YouTube would be against the literal reading of the Community Guidelines, but generally porn posted by "activists" has been allowed to remain on the site. Attempts to analyse the content in critical follow-up post has generally resulted in closing of the accounts and de facto censorship.

The first uses of massacre porn as a political weapon in the Arab Spring happened in February 2011 and lead to the UNSC resolution 1970 of February 26 against Libya.


The success of “disinformation warfare” often stems from an initial, massively coordinated presentation to world media of a simple but false story, which no amount of scientific and rational argument can later dislodge. Such a story is framed to appeal to emotional triggers that enrage and incense people before they have the chance to see if the story is true…
David MacIlwain, Wodonga, Australia.



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