Saudi advance on Hodaidah

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The front line on June 5, 2018 after Yemeni counterattack
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Since December 2017, The Saudi and Emirati led coalition has been advancing along the western Yemeni coast from the south aiming to capture the port city of Hodeidah. The major port on the Yemeni Red Sea coast is a key logistical hub in a country that is largely dependent on food imports. The Saudi intention to capture Hodeidah was announced in March 2017. It is considered a key strategic goal of the Saudi war aims to take the port city. A truce was agreed in December 2018 after peace talks in Sweden. As of January 2019, violations of the truce have been reported and undertakings of the agreement have not been implemented to the satisfaction of either side

Plans for control of Hodeidah

The loading cranes of the port of Hodeidah were disabled by Saudi air attacks in August 2015 France 24 filmed at the port and fish market in January 2019
The fact that it is situated on the Red Sea, adjacent to Eritrea, gives the port very high geostrategic value. Its waterway also leads directly northwards towards the Saudi border, which is just over 200km away... Having a direct Houthi presence in Al-Hudaydah – especially when at that time the port was the second largest port in Yemen – was a great cause of concern for the Saudis.

Summer 2018 - Imminent Crisis, Talks on UN Plan

Winter 2018: Saudi Assault on Hodeidah continues, stumbling blocks for UN proposals

Deal agreed, implemetation around Hodeidah unclear

  • Warring Sides in Yemen Agree to Truce in Key Port City, The New York Times, December 13, 2018
    Yemen’s warring parties have agreed to a cease-fire in the crucial port city of Hudaydah...The Saudi-led coalition and Houthi rebels have agreed to withdraw their forces from Hudaydah, the main conduit for humanitarian aid entering Yemen, and to implement a cease-fire in the surrounding province, Secretary General António Guterres told reporters. He made the announcement in Rimbo, Sweden, at the end of a week of negotiations intended to pave the way for full peace talks.
  • Hodeidah local authority condemns aggression escalation in western coast Saba December 17, 2018
The authority denounced, in a statement, the coalition's air attacks on citizens' homes in the 7 July neighborhood and several areas in the outskirts of Hodeidah city.
18th December, ceasefire due to commence
🔴 Intermittent flight of the military aggression and espionage aircraft in the skies of the city of # Hodeidah and a number of directorates hours after the declaration of the cease-fire🔴 March correspondent in # Hodeidah: continuous flight of the air force aggression in the sky of the city of Hodeidah since last night🔴 Urgent # Hodeidah: Hypocrites launch a guided missile and a number of artillery shells at the Union Hotel in clear violation of the cease-fire agreement🔴 Urgent Al-Massira correspondent # Hodeidah: forces of aggression bombardment machine guns on the village of Saffran in Kilo 16 and on the city of youth in the 90th Street Directorate # current🔴 Urgent Al-Massira correspondent # Hodeidah: a military bulldozer belonging to the forces of aggression, the work of fortifications east of the city of youth on the 90th Street Directorate # current
January 2019
Hodeidah port's grain silos on the city's eastern outskirts

Although there were many reports of ceasefire violations over the Christmas period, Hodeidah residents had reported relative quiet until an apparent resumption of air strikes on 2nd Jan.

Twitter status from Hussain al Bukkhaiti

Only 5 days left4the withdraw from #Hodeidah according 2 #Sweden agreement#Houthis withdrew frm port on 29Dec#Saudi #UAE backed forces still massing new troops&refusing2withdraw frm E of the city A massive new coalition attack expected n coming days&it will end entire agreement
Sayyid al-Houthi expressed his readiness on the fulfillment of other steps regarding the truce in the province of Taiz, salaries payment throughout the Republic of Yemen, the opening of Sanaa International Airport and the release of prisoners, according to what has been agreed upon.
  • A Yemeni soldier was "subjected to heavy injury while working in the southwest of Kilo 16 area, which occurred before the eyes of the UN team. The man was clearing the path of the UN team in the 13 kilo street, which leads to the the Red Sea Mills."
Air strikes on Sana'a (Jan 20)
February 2019

February 8,9: SABA reports breaches around Hodeidah Despite efforts of Martin Griffiths arrangements for a prisoner swap remain unfinalised after talks in Amman did not reach a succesful outcome. Health authorities in Sana'a call for international assistance for conjoined twins in urgent need of specialist medical care. The pair died at the Al Thawra hospital shortly thereafter.

Feb 26: UN says it was finally able to access Red Sea Mills after National delegation agreed for the route through their frontlines, to be cleared.

March 2019
May 2019
June 2019
July 2019
Sept 2019
April 2020 Saudi two week cessation

April 9. Yemeni sources reported multiple violations of the Stockholm agreement around Hodeidah. Yemeni commenters on social media skeptical of both the Saudi motives and the level of implementation of any cessation. Nasser Arrabyee

Apr 10. Why the Coalition of Aggression Announces Ceasefire in Yemen? YPA via Al Masirah English April 10, 2020

Reports on fighting on the west coast (since Dec 2017)

SouthFront Map 18th June
The current military operations on the Red Sea are part of a major offensive that started earlier this year and aimed at denying Al Houthis access to the Red Sea, stem the flow of the Iranian arms to the rebels and secure the strategic Bab Al Mandab Strait.The final stage of this offensive will see the liberation of Hodeida city, the last major coastal urban area under Al Houthi control.

'Golden Victory' offensive - launched June 13th

Airport contested

SouthFront Map 18th June

Saudis defeated?

August 2018

4th attempt, September 2018

  • Hodeida. 12/09/2018. Attempt #4 - Colonel Cassad, September 12, 2018
    Having failed in attempts to take Hodeida by a head-on impact, the interventionists changed the record and now conduct operations to the southeast of the city, confining themselves to the bombing of Hodeida and its surroundings, coast in view of the large losses and scanty results.
  • Hodeida. 09/14/2018. Battles for kilo 16 - Colonel Cassad, September 14, 2018
    By the end of September 14, the hussites were able to basically dislodge the hadiths and emirates from the Sana-Hodeida route. The enemy suffered heavy losses in people and technology. The commanding officer was severely wounded and taken to Abu Dhabi for treatment.

November, December 2018

Al Rabsah, Hodeidah

Houthi Missile and drone counter strikes

See also Yemeni missile strikes on Saudi Arabia

January 9, 2019 Al Anad drone attack on coalition military parade

The casualties figures were overstated but at least five killed including senior officers

Few hours after the Yemeni Air Force attack, the Saudi-led coalition announced that its warplanes have destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) command and control center of the Houthis in the Sanaa international airport.


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An unprecedented leak of secret documents has revealed the massive use of French-made weapons in the ongoing civil war in Yemen.

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