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30 Nov. An article describes Belarus delegation visit to Cuba, and for some reason speculates about deployment of Belarus MLRS "Polonez"

29 Nov. Scott Ritter interviews Denis Pushilin, the head of the DPR (Video, 42 min).

25 Nov. Russian force made advances in Avdeevka industrial zone, part of heavily fortified Ukrainian defenses in Avdeevka, in proximity with Donetsk. Avdeevka is half-encircled but fighting involves a lot of head-on storming, aided by heavy weaponry, artillery and bombs (1, 2).

David Arakhamia, leader of Zelenskii's faction in Rada, interview to 1+1, in Ukrainian, describes in particular collapse of peace negotiations in Istanbul after Boris Johnson visit, with Bucha next. According to Arhamia, the main real demand of the Russians was Ukraine not joining NATO. Russian forces were withdrawn from near Kiev and central Ukraine, to aid peace negations. The Russians subsequent comments were that they were cheated.

18 Nov Video of "first use of the RBC-500 cassette bomb against Ukrainian positions"

17 Nov. Avdeevka update (1, 2); Artemovsk update; Zaporozskii front, Kopani-Verbovoe.

15 Nov. Civilian man is killed and a woman wounded by Ukrainian shelling of Gorlovka.

Video of Russian SU-34, apparently with gliding FAB 500 M62 bomb, preparing for flight "in the SMO zone".

8 Nov. Mikhail Filiponenko, LPR MP, ex-head of the People's Militia, and the LPR representative office in the JCCC, is killed by explosion in a terrorist attack in Lugansk.

Ukrainian strikes on the central part of Donetsk resulted in the death of six people, including an ambulance driver who arrived at the scene of the shelling to save the victims. Also among the dead were workers from the city’s labor and social policy departments.

An executive order is enacted in Russia allowing exchange of frozen by the West Russian funds for the Western funds de-facto frozen in Russia.

5 Nov. Two civilians are killed by Ukrainian shelling of Dokuchaevsk, two more civilians, including a child, are wounded.

1 Nov. Zaluzhnyi wrote few pages of letters about the stalemate.