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31 Oct. "Oleg Tsarev's condition is satisfactory" -RIA.

"Biden would veto GOP's Israel stand-alone aid package without funding for Ukraine" (Ukrainska Pravda).

27 Oct. Assasination attempt (1, 2, 3) on Oleg Tsarev in Yalta, Russia. Tsarev is hospitalized in critical condition after large blood loss. Tsarev is an experienced, charismatic, and courageous Ukrainian politician who supported the Russian Spring. Tsarev in his interview a day before talked about Ukrainian law on intelligence allowing assassinations abroad; also on the Korean peace (he meant armistice) treaty which he said, correctly, is not signed by the South to this day.

Russian air defenses intercepted Ukrainian drones of plane type near Kursk nuc. power station. RU FM: "One of the UAVs, loaded with explosives, crashed into a nuclear waste warehouse, damaging its walls". A day earlier Zelensky claimed that Russian drones attacked Khmelmnitsky npp, after a nearby explosion damaged some windows.

Reports: grain corridor from Odessa is operating again. (At this time, Turkish Iasos is sailing in south-western direction off Odessa)

26 Oct. Tucker Carlson, Robert Amsterdam, on Ukraine violating human right of freedom of religion.

25 Oct. Governor of the Russia's Bryansk region Bogomaz: "Four aircraft-type unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed over the Bryansk region by air defense and electronic warfare

Arestovich: "All the military know that [Ukrainian] troops have been transferred to Avdeevka from the southern front".

20 Oct. Reports: A civilian man, DOB 1960, is killed by Ukrainian single HIMARS strike, Kurchatova st., Kuibyshevskii district of Donetsk (photo).

18 Oct. DPR JCCC continue to report daily on multiple shelling of DPR residential areas by Ukrainian forces. Among the 12 (!) reports so far today, 10 MLRS rockets fired on Orlovka, near Yasinovatsk, and multiple shelling of Donetsk suburbs with 155mm artillery.

17 Oct. It is reported that Ukraine used US-made tactical ATACMS missiles (which apparently may be launched from HIMARS), and also ground launched guided bombs, GLSDB, to attack airport in Berdyansk. There are photos of missiles and munitions on social media. Russian casualties are alleged in some reports, but without details, and unconfirmed. 1, 2, 3. A video promoted by Ukrainian channels emerged, purporting to show ammo explosions at Berdyansk airport. Comments on video (which can be easily planted, but if taken at face value) discuss that one Ka type and two "eights" (Mi 8?) helicopters are on fire, and also mention "Sushka, fuel tanks". Pro-Russian channels (of unknown reliability and real or commercial agenda, and previously accused of self-promotion/hype) are re-posting the video with SNAFU type commentary, while noting that air defenses will learn to deal with this too. And that choppers were there in the open, which could be easily fixed but wasn't.

Satellite photos, Berdyansk and Lugansk

Conflicting reports from Avdeevka (showing heavily fortified positions taken, as well as said to be Russian armored vehicles losses). Ukrainian forces shell Donetsk from Avdeevka since the start of the conflict.

10 Oct. Maybe time will come one day when this war will stop? (No end in sight, under present leaders--and the West is in the driving seat, for the most part).

---Lots of thunder reported from Avdeevka. And somebody ate the Finnish-Estonian gas pipeline.

8 Oct. Zaporozhski front lines, another Ukrainian tank destroyed, in a war which could have been avoided.

The New Yorker article claims that ATACMS transfer to Ukraine has been approved; "they are fighting a war they can’t afford either to win or lose."

7 Oct. Residential home is seriously damaged by US "HARM" missile (photos)

Oct 1. Russian source accuses Ukraine of planning a dangerous and wasting more lives escalation, trying to cross Dnieper, and allegedly capture Zaporozhskaya NPP, ---once their US funding in limbo could be calling for acts of unseen before stupidity.