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30 Sep. Report: Civilian woman is wounded by Ukrainian shelling of Gorlovka.

26 Sep. Nazi SS veteran receives standing ovation in Canadian parliament (video).

25 Sep. CNN channels Ukrainian gloating that a Russian fleet commander "and 34 officers" are killed in Ukrainian attack, with Western missiles and aid, on a historic fleet HQ building in Sevastopol. Admiral is later shown on videos, appearing alive. Ru MoD said that one servicemen is missing in the attack (presumably killed); the historic building was damaged.

16 Sep. Report: 7 people killed by Ukrainian shelling of Svetlodarsk

13 Sep. Sky News: British cruise missiles were used in Ukrainian attack on a dry dock in Sevastopol, Crimea, which damaged a submarine and a landing ship in the dock. According to Ru MoD, some but not all missiles were shut down. Use of Western missiles were later confirmed by Ukrainian officials. While military significance of attack is nil, this underscores dangers of a far more serious conflict, and degree of military inovlvment of the Empires in the conflict in Ukraine.

6 Sep. On the day of US sec. state visit to Kiev and announcement of additional US aid of over 1 bln $ to Ukraine, Western media goes out of its way to parrot Ukrianian claims that market in Konstantinovka was shelled by Russia. Audio of linked video suggest that it was caused by Ukrainian missile launched nearby.

5 Sep. British Challenger 2 tank is destroyed in Ukraine. Russian sources claim it was hit by Kornet ATGM. Western sources claim that it shows that tank is safe when it burns (in contrast to Soviet design).

3 Sep. Ukrainian court: the so-called "Laws of Ukraine" and Decrees of the President, including the "Law of Ukraine "On Mobilization Preparation and Mobilization", "Law of Ukraine "On Approval of the Decree of the President of Ukraine "Implementing Martial Law in Ukraine", "Presidential Decree "On the Introduction of Martial Law in Ukraine"" "Decree of the President of Ukraine "On the use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations"" which are legitimized under the guise of laws are author's works, have no constitutional basis, are not laws in substance, are not mandatory for implementation by the people, are offers from an entity that provides services from the state management. These "normative acts" have the status of those that are applied, and are not legally valid legislation.

2 Sep. "Obtaining a second higher education will not save Ukrainians from mobilization, - Secretary of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council" 1, 2.