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31 Jul. At night Ukrainian drone attacked a police building in Bryansk region, mainland Russia. The building was damaged, no casualties reported.

Ukrainian forces shelled Donetsk, a civilian bus was hit. 2 people are killed, 6 wounded (videos; destroyed bus, pre-formed elements seen; announcer claims that preliminary, HIMARS with M31 missile was used).

Forbes: "NATO Planes Watched As Three Civilian Ships Ran Russia’s Naval Blockade Of Ukraine". Aug. 2, Russia strikes Ukraine's Danube port, driving up global grain prices.

30 Jul. Two Ukrainian drones hit office buildings in Moscow-City, central Moscow. RU M0D said one drone was shot down and 2 suppressed by radio-electronic warfare. A crying child heard on one of video recordings from Moscow. More Ukrainian drones attacked Crimea, it is said that they were suppressed or shot down.

"British troops are training an elite Ukrainian commando brigade to cripple Russian forces and recapture Crimea before Christmas" - Express.

NYT: "In June, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin approved a Pentagon deal to buy 400 to 500 new Starlink terminals and services. The deal gives the Pentagon control of setting where Starlink’s internet signal works inside Ukraine for those new devices to carry out “key capabilities and certain missions,” two people familiar with the deal said. "

29 Jul. West continues to try to build a coalition for "peace talks" on Ukrainian terms; Russia is not invited.

28 Jul. "Ukrainian S-200 rocket falling in the center of Taganrog, Russia" - video.

In Dnepropetrovsk, the SBU building was destroyed by a missile attack. A high-rise building was also damaged, possibly by Ukrainian air defense missile.

Ukrainian footage from Staromayorskoye village, Vremevsky ledge. Russian artillery strikes at Ukrainian forces that have entered. Fierce battles continue.

25-26 Jul. "Main Thrust of Ukraine’s Offensive May Be Underway, U.S. Officials Say". Official RU MoD and unofficial opolchenie reports indicate larger than "usual" Ukrainian attacks in that area, with several waves of attacks apparently repelled, with some frontline positions possibly changing hands but overall little change on the ground. There are also reports of stronger than usual Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian targets, including reported by Ukrainian sources "Kinzhal" launches.

24 Jul. Drones hit two non-residential buildings in Moscow, no casualties or significant damage reported. RU MoD claims that they were suppressed by radio-electronic warfare - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Aksenov: a drone hit an ammunition depot in the Dzhankoy region, Crimea; 11 drones suppressed or shot down.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian attacks in Zaprozhie region are ineffective, despite high losses, and a Russian offensive towards borders of Kharkov region appeears to show some strength.

23 Jul. Photos (see red arrows) appear to show that a Russian (UOC MP) church in Odessa was damaged by an air defense missile. (More photos and photo reports from various locations 1, 2)

22 Jul. Reports of Ukrainian use of cluster munitions. According to governor of Russia's Belgorod region, Zhuravlevka village in mainland Russia was attacked with 21 artillery shells and three MLRS cluster munitions. Separately, according to Russian sources, a journalist trying to film cluster munitions use was killed, said to be by a cluster munition (Eng.)

BBC: "Ukraine using cluster bombs 'effectively' - US". (Promotional videos in other Western media noted).

21 Jul. Igor Strelkov was detained, said to be based on a complaint by a former PMC "Wagner" member, in an apparent sign of continued consolidation by the Ru MoD. (Brief courtroom video; requests house arrest, but bail was denied. Reported charges may be based on idiom ?. Pavel Gubarev was detained after protesting, in a 'solo picket' way, near the court house, then released. Earlier, a criminal case is opened against controversial retired col. Kvachkov).

"The Investigative Committee had the investigation of the criminal case classified"("следствие засекретило расследование").
Health concerns were raised by the family. It is said that a doctor was eventually allowed.
Aug 30, Strelkov writes from his detention about his advantages, in a text titled "on nomination as a candidate for president of RF" (no chance -"a very long shot")

17 Jul. Ukrainian sea drone attack on the Crimea bridge. Two civilians were killed. One of the bridge spans was damaged. The "grain deal" allowing Ukrainian grain to be shipped from Black Sea ports was suspended. Russian strikes targeting port facilities and weapons depots in Odessa and Nikolaev, and Ukrainian counter strikes followed. (Seymour Hersh: “Of course it was our technology,” one American official told me. “The drone was remotely guided and half submerged—like a torpedo.”)

2 Jul. Some plans of Ukrainian attacks include forcing Dnieper near Novaya Kakhovka (towards the Crimea).

1 Jul. Ukraine claims that Russia is planning to blow up the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant‎. Russia claims Ukraine is planning to do the same, in order for NATO to invoke Article 5 and join the war against Russia