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30 May. Ukrainian drones attack Moscow. 3 drones hit top floors of multi-story buildings (not causing significant damage or casualties). RU MoD says that 8 drones were involved, 5 drones were shot down in Moscow region by Pantsir-S, "and 3 by radio-electronic warfare". (Other reports based on eyewitness accounts give higher number of drones involved and shot down; some drones collided with obstacles flying at very low altitudes). Apparent video of drone shoot-down. Apparently different kind of drone at Leninskii prospect.

Ukraine shelled temporary shelter for civilians living in near-border villages of Belgorod region, mainland Russia. A guard, Vitalii Alekseevich, was killed, and 2 people were wounded

28-30 May. Combined long range Russian attacks on Ukrainian targets, including Zhuiiany airport in Kiev, other airports involved in long-range air to ground launches, and other military and infrastructure targets. Little reliable info on what was hit (Ukraine suppresses such info --apart from presenting unintended casualties possibly caused by air defence warfare, eagerlly parroted by Western media--- while Ru MoD has standard phrasing that all intended targets were hit). Yet, commenting on Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow, Russia said that Ukrainian military intelligence headquarters -GUR - was targeted "2-3 days ago"; some videos later emerged.

27 May. Security guard is killed, two children wounded, two enterprises hit, resulting in fires, in Shebekinski district, Belgorod region, mainland Russia

Stephen Bryen: recent video with Zaluzhnyi is "fake" ('wrong eye color').

26 May. In numerous copies of the same video clip, US sen. lindsey graham says visiting zelensky in Kiev: "and the Russians are dying;" after the cut " this is the best money we've ever spent." The official transcript does not have this; but mentions $375 military aid package provided by USA on May 21 (ie during US spending cap impasse), and the total amount of aid since last February of $ 38 billion. On May 29, it is reported that Ukraine posted a longer (1:40) video clip (NTNews , Reuters).

25 May. Acting Head of Zaporozhye (Ru) region Evgeny Balitsky: Ukrainian troops are using British missiles to shell the rear areas of the Zaporozhye region and “conducting serious artillery preparation. Most likely, in the near future, in the next five to seven days, an offensive will most likely begin, because usually they don’t shell the territory of deep rear areas for no reason”

There have been several instances of Ukrainian forces killing Russian servicemen or volunteers in mainland Russia (drone attack killed two riding in a civilian car, territotial defence volunteer commander killed by shot in the head) ; -in addition to civilian casualties, damaged homes, and by now frequent shelling and drone attacks.

22 May. Rogozin: "Orekhovo. Ukrainian tanks movement."

Ukrainian RSG (consisting of Russian runaways) made an incursion in Belgorod region, mainland Russia, and was expelled after firefights

21 May. Bakhmut fell to Russian forces.

13 May. Report: 2 RUssian Mi-8 helicopters, Su-34 and Su 35 planes are shot down in Briansk region, mainland Russia, near the Ukrainian border.

Report quoting Ru MoD: Ukrainian Su-24 "which performed a strike on Lugansk", and protecting it Mig-29 were shot down

"Remains of ADM-160B MALD decoy missile were found after a strike in Luhansk. These decoys deceive enemy air defense systems to allow actual munitions to bypass them. Equipped with electronic warfare systems, they simulate radar signatures of missiles and aircraft".

Reports: "Today, Ukrainian forces again used the British Storm Shadow cruise missile to attack Lugansk. Yesterday, for the first time, the enemy used these missiles to attack the territory of the Mashzavod 100" (machine building plant). "Buildings of the Poly-Pak enterprise" (located there) were destroyed. "Children and State Duma deputy Viktor Vodolatsky were among the victims". "Today, a rocket exploded near the old building of the Academy of Internal Affairs in the village. Yubileiny (Artemovsky district of Lugansk)".

"According to updated information, on May 12, 2023, during a rocket attack on Luhansk, Ukrainian forces used two Storm Shadow cruise missiles (English-French production) and one anti-aircraft missile ADM-160B MALD (US production)"-- LPR office in JCCC.

UK sending long-range Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine, says UK defense minister

WaPo: "Zelensky, in private, plots bold attacks inside Russia, leak shows".

8 May. "Ukrainian mechanized units have been deployed to positions at a short distance from the contact line, and are waiting for an order to advance. Units of the second wave are waiting for the order to advance in the nearest rear areas".

5 May. According to opolochenie, Ukrainian forces increased pressure, with counter-attacks in Ugledar (where Russian-speaking Marines face each other on the opposing sides), Avdeevka, Artemovsk/Bakhmut; and reconnaissance-in-force elsewhere, including Zaporozhie; however the main/major attack has not started yet. Prigozhin announced that "Wagner" forces will withdraw from Bakhmut after May 10 and pass over their positions to MoD, due to insufficient supply of artillery shells ("shells hunger"). He claims that shell supply was severely cut after May 1, and that they are loosing about 100 men killed per day, still defending their positions and on some days moving forward by about 100 meters in direct frontal attacks (1, 2, 3, 4).

Prigozhin comments followed by Kadyrov's offer to step in; by intense shelling of Ukrainian positions, including incendiary munitions, apparently MLRS; by his supply problems getting a fix; and throughout, by critisism from opolchenie, pointing to what they view as more dire situation elsewhere.

There are also multiple Ukrainian drone (or RSG) attacks on targets in mainland Russia.

3 May. Ukrainian drone attacks on Kremlin (video) and on a military airport in Bryansk region, mainland Russia, are reported. No significant damage or casualties reported. The rhetoric is up.

It is said that Ukrainian trains with armored vehicles, artillery and troops are moving in the direction of Transnistria.