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29 Apr. Two civilians are killed by Ukrainian shelling of Bryansk region (of the mainland Russia).

Two civilians are killed by Ukrainian shelling of Yasinovataya, DPR.

Ukrainian drone attack on Sevastopol, Crimea. 4 fuel tanks of the "Yugtorstan" oil/fuel depot were hit, resulted in major, highest -rated fire. Firefighters managed to prevent fire from spreading, and then extinguished it. This happened in the background of continued talk on Ukrainian major offensive on the battlefield.

26 Apr. "Xi says dialogue only viable way out for Ukraine crisis" -

UK "have sent thousands of rounds of Challenger 2 ammunition to Ukraine, including depleted uranium armor-piercing rounds".

23 Apr. Two civilian women and one civilian man are killed by Ukrainian MLRS shelling of Donetsk and Makeevka, several civilians are wounded.

22 Apr. It is said that Leopard 2A4 tanks are already in Ukraine /near the front lines (with a bad roads video)

8 Apr. Aksenov: A missile launched from the Ukrainian direction was shot down over Feodosia, in the Crimea.

Russian MoD gave detailed warning on Ukraine preparing a chemical weapons provocation (1, 2, 3)

7 Apr. DPR ombudsman: 7 civilians are killed by Ukrainian shelling in the past week. (Noted, opolchenie claimed that on Apr.6 nine civilians are killed in Donetsk , and 4 in Lisichansk, LPR).

Photos from Voroshilovskii district of Donetsk show aftermath of random shelling of residential city area, houses and civilian cars damaged. According to DPR, at least 1 civilian was killed and 6 wounded. Preliminary, firing was done using Czechoslovakia-origin RM-70 Vampire MLRS, unguided heavier version of Grad, designed in 1970's; 5 missiles were launched.

Pentagon investigates more leaks (Talk) said to include details on Ukrainian forces and U.S. arms provided to Ukraine (WSJ; NYT).

It's likey that vulnerabilities of Western weapons are well (and recently widely) known

5 Apr. Russia organized an informal "Arria formula" meeting of the Security Council called "Children and armed conflict: the Ukrainian crisis. Evacuation of children from the conflict zone" (also a topic of the ICC "arrest warrant" ). UN broadcast was blocked by the British; Russian FM broadcasted live + posted a file on Telegram. At the meeting, UK, USA, Albania, Malta delegations staged a walk-out.

3 Apr. Finland is to join NATO. Russia is to bolster defense if NATO troops deployed 1, 2.

2 Apr. War correspondent Vladlen Tatarskii is killed in a terrorist attack by an explosion at a cafe in St. Petersburg where he gave a talk about war correspondent profession. 1, 2, 3. Videos - "Nastia, sit here", explosion, after explosion; It is said that Daria Trepova who brought the statuette was anti-war, pro-Navalnyi (unconfirmed); that yet she opened some pro-war merchandise business; and a patriotic telegram channel; that she could be following instructions (possibly for money or other rewards such as immigration assistance), and made escape preparations. Yet from her behavior and statements she could be unaware of the real purpose of her assignment.

It is reported that British Challenger 2 tanks have been filmed in Ukraine (video).