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30 Mar. A grand jury in New York indicts President Trump on charges related to 2016 elections, leading to further political chaos in the United States.

24 Mar. "For the first time after Finland opened its airspace to NATO aviation, two RC-135W Rivet Joint electronic reconnaissance aircraft of the US and British Air Forces flew near the borders of the Russian Leningrad Region and Karelia".

22 Mar. Ukrainian failed sea drones attack on Sevastopol (1, 2, 3).

21 Mar. Official list of documents signed during Xi Jinping state visit to Russia.

19 Mar. Ukraine once again (as on most of the days) shelled residential Donetsk, using MLRS and 155 mm artillery. A man, 19 is killed, a civilian woman, DOB 1961, is wounded, residential homes, cars are damaged.

On the anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, Ukraine started an attack/reconnaissance-in-force in Zaporozhie direction; taking losses; 1, 2.

Two Ukrainian reconnaissance-in-force attempts are repelled in the Kupyansk direction.

Fighting in Kremennaya, LPR (video)

Ukrainian-origin video shows many Western armored vehicles; date and place not specified; Nazi-origin sound. (Similar video, here).

Earlier video: Ukrainian Western-made armored personnel carriers are destroyed (date/place not specified).

18 Mar. During a peaceful anti-war protest in Washington, coffins draped in Russian, Ukrainian, US (Syrian, Iraqi, PA) flags were brought to the gates of the White House (video) and to the Washington Post building.

17 Mar. 3 days after Reaper crash, "Poland, Slovakia become first NATO members to offer Ukraine fighter jets.". (In addition to reports that Ukrainian tank crews are finishing their Western tanks training, eg here).

14 Mar. Two Russian Su-27 fighters cause an American MQ 9 Reaper drone to crash into the Black Sea. (video)

Seymour Hersh at the National Press Club talks about things, from Vietnam to neocons to Ukraine and the Nord Stream.

13 Mar. US Republican presidential candidates answers to Tucker Carlson on Ukraine

8 Mar. "18 German and 3 Portuguese Leopard 2 tanks together with brigades will go to Ukraine in March," - German Defense Minister Pistorius (RU report/German video)

7 Mar. NATO claims that "Ukrainians on a sailboat" blew up the Nord Stream pipelines.