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22 Feb. It is reported that Ukrainian military activity was noticed on the border of Transnister and Ukraine.

21 Feb. Russia suspended participation in START treaty. Extension of the treaty was one of the few, if not the only, international achievements of the current US administration. Russia's suspension may have to do with hauling inspections, while Ukrainian forces performed strikes on strategic objects deep inside Russia. But it also contributes to overall deep deterioration of international security. It may eventually restart the arms race, though no immediate steps are announced.

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs and Ray McGovern address UN Security Council on Nord Stream investigations (+NATO enlargement leading to war Ukraine),

Russia denied 1, 2 reports of an unsuccessful launch of Sarmat ICBM.

19 Feb. "Bus station at Krytyi (Covered market bus station, Donetsk), in the foreground there is a hole in the asphalt from a rocket, and a little further there are people standing, probably waiting for route 121"

8 Feb. This clown wrote a letter on why comparing politics to his profession is an insult to clowns

Zelensky visits UK (photos 1, 2).

New video appears to show Ukrainian soldiers murdering Russian prisoners of war.

7 Feb. Shoigu: Ukrainian losses in January, "over 6500" (210 per day).

Close range combat in Novoselovskoe -video. Houses are destroyed, apart from cellars.

5 Feb. Russian sources accuse Ukraine of using chemical weapons in Avdeevka. (video, photos). Visuals are attributed to a persona called Magyar (on the Ukrainian side).

3 Feb. US to send Ukraine longer-range bombs

More from Dmitry Medvedev, see 19 Jan. entries. ...Our answer can be anything..., etc.