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24 Jan. In Dec. 2016, 10 Leopard 2A4 tanks were destroyed by IS at Al Bab, Syria.... 1, 2.

Col. Doug Macgregor interview (it's interesting how well retired colonels understand that their side going to war is not such a great idea...).

19 Jan. Western powers discuss transfer of Western heavy weaponry, including main battle tanks, to Ukraine. This, in addition to better intelligence, communication, integration, precision may give Ukraine enough advantage for successful tactical or strategic offenses against Russian forces.

Dmitry Medvedev: the loss by a nuclear power in a conventional war can provoke the outbreak of a nuclear war. The nuclear powers did not lose major conflicts on which their fate depends. (Medvedev's public persona 'fills the void' created after the death of Zhirinovsky; yet this particular statement may well be true and shall not be dismissed. Medvedev is also a deputy chairman of the Russian security council and a former Russian president and PM, and may be in the running for another top leadership position).

US considers sending launched from the ground by rockets/boosters small diameter precision aviation bombs, with a range of 100 miles (+) . That may reach Crimea, Russia border regions.

Situation in Soledar at the end of January 10, 2023

10 Jan. Russian PMC/'Wagner' forces are said to be in control of central Soledar, after surrounding the city and cutting the supplies. Soledar (salt city) is near a flashpoint of Artemovks/Bakhmut, with wide, deep and very long salt mines tunnels (1, 2).

It is said that Ukrainian forces took positions on the western outskirts, near several salt minepits. The main remaining Ukrainian defense region in the Donbass is considered to be Slavyansk-Kramatorsk heavily fortified area, to the north-west.

7 Jan. Ukrainian forces attempted an attack shortly after orthodox nativity holiday on frozen grounds near Chervonopopovka/Kremennaia. It is said that the attack was discovered in time and repelled.

1 Jan. RU MoD: 63 recently drafted Russian soldiers are killed by Ukrainian US-made-HIMARS strike on their temporary quarters in Makeevka, near Donetsk (1, 2). (RU MoD also reports on successful strikes on Ukrainian positions, while independents heavily criticize inadequate arrangements in Makeevka and possibly elsewhere). Russian forces subsequently attempted to retaliate for the attack (1, 2).