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27 Dec. Western media portray Lavrov's comments as an ultimatum. (But they appear to be more of the same).

22 Dec. Dmitriy Rogozin and DPR prime minister Vitaliy Hotsenko are wounded, two more people are killed, by Ukrainian precise artillery strike, using Western artillery, on a Donetsk hotel where Rogozin was staying. It is said that 3 cluster munition shells were fired using French "Caesar" 155 mm howitzer 1, 2.

Tactics chosen by Russian forces ("Surovikin defense line") resulted in effectively a stalemate. Ukraine continues regular artillery shelling of residential areas of Donetsk, causing civilian casualties and destruction, and continues attempts to attack targets in Russia, including airbases deep in the Russian territory.

President Zelensky greeted by US chief of protocol Rufus Gifford after landing in the United States

21 Dec. Zelensky visits the US Congress to ask for more weapons and more money. Soon after, the US Congress approved the budget which included $45 bln to Ukraine.

16 Dec. Russian missile strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure and military targets are reported. Dneproges was hit. US Global Hawk arrived late.

11 people are killed in Lantratovka, LPR by Ukrainian shelling, said to be by HIMARS, 20 were wounded, 20 more unaccounted for.

Front lines remain largely static, with continued artillery duels, drones, RSG, and some slow and local Russian advances against heavily fortified Ukrainian positions in Donbass, with quite heavy casualties reported (with most of the reports are about Ukrainian battlefield casualties).

15 Dec. Ukraine fired 40 "Grad" rockets on residential central Donetsk, the heaviest shelling since 2014. At least 13 civilians were killed in DPR this week, 47 were wounded. Persistent Ukrainian "Grad" shelling from Tonenkoe continued on 16 Dec.

11 Dec. Photo report, Several Donetsk districts were shelled by Ukraine

9 Dec. Photo report, Ukrainian forces shelled central Donetsk with "Grad."

6 Dec. Ukraine shelled again residential area in the center of Donetsk. At least 10 «Grad» rockets landed in the «Donbass Arena» area, the indoor market and the business center «Centavr plaza». 6 civilians are said to be killed; the number of wounded is being clarified. Member of the People's Council of the DPR Maria Pirogova was killed by the shelling. Judge of the DPR Military Court Viktor Nikolaevich Isaev was killed by Ukrainian shelling a day earlier. Intentionally shelling residential areas and killing civilians is a war crime. This continues for 9 years.

A drone attacked the airfield in Kursk. An oil storage tank caught fire. There are no casualties, firemen are extinguishing the fire. The airport presently does not accept civil flights

Photo report, consequences of the shelling of the Kievsky district of Donetsk, night of 5 Dec., said to be Grad shelling.

5 Dec. Explosions at 2 Russian military airfields, Diagilevo in Ryazan and Engels strategic airbase, Saratov, Russia. It was said initially that a fuel tanker truck exploded at Ryazan airbase (this detail was omitted in later reports, but seen on photo, next to a damaged plane); and it was said unofficially (Cassad) a drone attack at Engels airbase damaged 2 planes. This is a day after Ukraine announced second stage of trials of its own '1000 km, 75 kg payload drone', and as Latvia called for attacks on Russian airfields.

It was later said that Soviet-made Ukrainian UAV jets (TU 141/TU 143) have attacked both airfields; that Russian air defense "intercepted" UAVs but, as a result of them coming down and exploding, "hull skin of two aircraft was slightly damaged." Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian targets were reported later in the day.

Diagilevo airbase satellite photos, visible damage to the tail and nozzle of one Tu-22M3 bomber plane which was refueling 1, 2. Engels airbase satellite photos.

Banksy mural in Gostomel

2 Dec. Thieves from Kiev steal Banksy mural in Hostamel, a "symbol of Ukrainian victory".

e realities on the ground could be prevailing considerations. (It is noted that peace attempts have failed after Russian forces withdrew from areas near Kiev).

Russian independent patriotic commenters (and Oleg Tsarev) opposed to/ crtisised the withdrawal.