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29 Nov. It appears that Zelenskaya recycled in the British parliament discredited at home tales about rapes, without independent verification, and while crimes by her side are ignored, for many years. (Isolated incidents could occur, any side, but on the Russian side, perpetrators will be stopped or punished. That for example was made very explicit in widely circulating PMC recuitment video, with very severe punishment described. Here it is used intentionally to dehumanize the opponent and in the end of the day receive more weapons and more aid).

20 Nov. Map of Ukrainian shelling of Zaporozhk. power station, today. It is of serious concern as it shows hits on radioactive waste handling facility building roof, and near the reactors. There are also videos. It is said that by RU MoD that radiation is not released, still this is of serious concern and a disaster waiting to happen.

"12 missiles were fired. It is known that 6 hit the pool of the reactor cooling fountain, 2 - in the dry storage of nuclear waste. It is still impossible to determine the consequences of the shelling - the danger of repeated attacks remains," said Karchaa /RIAN/, Advisor to the General Director of Rosenergoatom (also here).

Total direct Western aid to Ukraine, Jan 24 to Oct 3, is €89.34bn, including 52.31 from USA, 11.74 EU, 6.65 UK. Recent austerity measures in UK concern a projected shortfall from 'fiscal targets' of £55bn. Price increases causing austerity are contributed to by the conflict (in addition to post-pandemic inflation).

Presently, the White House asks Congress for $37.7B in new Ukraine aid, while the budget for the current finance year is still not approved.

18 Nov. Videos appeared showing 10 Russian soldiers surrendering and then executed, at the same location. Apparently one man opened fire (still photo here), while others surrendered and were placed face down on the ground, unarmed. Executing prisoners clearly violates Geneva conventions. UN representative called for an investigation.

12 Nov. There could be slight softening (1 , 2) in economic/trade wars, but otherwise no signs of progress in diplomacy (apart from posturing).

10 Nov. List of countries abstaining (51) or voting against (4) the UN resolution on combating glorification of Nazism is strongly correlated with the list of countries that are supporting militarily and training Ukrainian soldiers to fight Russia.

9 Nov. After civilians evacuation, long speculation, many hints, and lastly some bridges destroyed, Russia announced 'a hard decision' of withdrawal of forces in Kherson from the Dnepr river right bank, to have defense lines along the river. Supplying forces on the right bank has been a concern. Bridge to the right bank was essentially destroyed. Fears were expressed that ferries, when river will be covered by ice, too thin to drive on, would not operate, under Ukrainian fire. However due to climate changed, Dnepr in the Kherson region may not become covered by ice sufficiently to prevent crossing by water.

Another reason is possibility for Ukraine to flood the area, with some non-catastrophic hits on the dam already. Flooding may be quite broad (10-15 km), affecting mostly left bank, and reseeding in estimated 10 days or so.

Also, this is happening in the background of Russia-US contacts on Ukraine, apparent Russia's desire to achieve an acceptable diplomatic solution, and recent, rather unrealistic, Ukrainian statements on peace. It is conceivable that some low visibility diplomacy is happening, with Dnepr a nature-made separation line to consider. Those developments are not in line with expectations of patriotic folks, who view this as a very sad day, and raise questions about goals of SMO and whether they are achievable. Yet, domestic situation in Russia, and at the top, + th