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30 Sep. Treaties with 4 regions joining Russia are signed. Putin speech.

At least 30 civilians die when a convoy waiting to enter Russian-held Zaporozhsky region is hit by unknown artillery or missiles.

Meanwhile, situation on the front lines remains difficult. Krasnyi Liman is operationally surrounded, with heavy battles fought. Russian forces withdrew from Novoselovo, Drobyshevo, Iampol. Yet it is possible that a major strike is to occur elsewhere, with Ukrainian forces having few times more troops and unlimited supply of Western weapons. In recent week, Russian forces used aviation, however Ukrainian antiaircraft systems are not supressed. At least one plane, SU-30, is apparently lost, with more claimed by Ukrainians.

27 Sep. According to official results, 4,791,246 people voted for joining Russia in the referenda in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia and in the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics. That is over half the total pre-war population of the four former Ukrainian oblasts.

Radek Sikorski thanks USA for blowing up Nord Stream 1 and 2

26 Sep. The Nord Stream pipelines from Russia to Germany were destroyed in a military attack.

24 Sep. Personnel changes have taken place in the RU MoD.

23 Sep. Referendums started.

21 Sep. Putin: partial mobilization. Warning on weapons. (Eng.)

20 Sep. There have been deadly Ukrainian shelling of targets in Donbass, Kherson, and Russia, with many civilians killed (at least 13 civilians killed in Donetsk yesterday). In recent days, pro-Russian regions announced plans of referendums on joining Russia. This appears to have Russian leadership support. Changes were announced to the Russia;s criminal code, apparently to tighten laws during war (or SMO) time. Today, it's said that Putin address is expected, which may have to do with referendums or change of military operation, or both (unofficial, timing unclear)

19 Sep. Bus stop shelling in Donetsk, at least 13 civilians killed, including two children.

17 Sep. Leaked document on Ukrainian attempts to destabilize Russia is published by RT.

16 Sep. LPR prosecutor general and his female deputy were killed by an explosion in their offices in Lugansk. At least five HIMARS missiles hit central Kherson, near the regional administration building; people were killed and injured. Deputy mayor of Berdiansk and his wife who was in charge of the referendum on joining Russia have been killed.

There has been numerous reports that Ukraine is trying to manufacture Bucha-style press campaign after their troops entered Izium (including people detained by Ukraine in captured area on on minor pretexts, or none at all) (sample: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Western mass media is eager to pick up the Ukrainian version of the story, in addition to shamelessly promoting and cheering up their side in general.

Cover page of alleged RAND Research Report

14 Sep. A confidential "Research Report", allegedly published by RAND corporation in January 2022 on how to destroy the European economy by provoking war with Russia is leaked to the Internet (RAND denied the authorship; but they verifyably author this report (PDF), as highlighted by a Russian source here).

11-13 Sep. Russian forces are withdrawn from large part of their positions in the Kharkov region, with the front stabilizing along Oskol river. There have been since multiple Ukraiain attacks, threatening further major advances against outnumbered Russian forces, and strikes on mainland Russia. Missile strikes on Ukrainian forces, as well as infrastructure in Kharkov and Krivoi Rog have been reported. Efforts to bring Russian reinforcements so far were on regional/local level, with calls by more radical figures, not in the central government, to start mobilization and other steps expected in a "normal" war. Those calls so far were not answered, and campaign so far remains a 'special military operation', despite the obvious dangers.

10 Sep. According to war correspondents, Ukrainian forces succeeded in entering western part of Kupiansk, and creating a landing ground near Krasnyi Liman. There is danger of Russian forces in Izium surrounded/supply lines cut. It is said that forces in Izium are withdrawn.

6-8 Sep. Ukraine launched major attack near Balakleia, Kharkov region, using heavy artillery, tanks, and estimated 9000 troops, making advances of about 10-20 km, capturing villages, entering central Balakleia, and threatening roads supplying Russian forces in Izium. The area was defended by newly mobilized reservists and Rosgvardia police troops, with insufficient experience and available force. Attack preparations were known for weeks, but not acted upon. Aviation, reserves are sent in, not yet stabilizing the situation. According to opolchenie, Ukraine is using advantage in communications and precise Western MLRS/artillery to sent RSG groups deep behind the front lines. Fighting continues, front lines not yet stabilized.

1 Sep. Ukraine made an unsuccessful attempt to sent a reconnaissance and sabotage group, via Kakhovka reservoir, and shelled the area of Zaporozh. nuc. power plant, trying to prevent arrival of international inspector. The arrival was delayed, but inspectors later arrived. IAEA Rafael Grossi on video: "we are not stopping"