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31 Jul. It is reported that Ukraine shelled residential Donetsk with cluster munition dispersing anti-personnel "petal" landmines; apparently "Uragan" munition was used.

On the Fleet Day, a drone attack, with a small DIY munition, on the HQ of the Russian Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol. It is said that 6 people are wounded by flying glass.

In Donbass, slow, difficult head-on advances of DPR and Russian forces on heavily fortified Ukrainian positions (Avdeevka, Peski).

29 Jul. Ukraine shelled a prison in Yelenovka where Ukrainian POWs from Mariupol were held. Is is said that 40 prisoners were killed and 130 wounded. Russia called for international investigation.

25 Jul. Bellingcat and their handlers in British intelligence fail in their plot to pay Russian air force pilots to hijack their planes and fly them to Ukraine,

Some sources 1, 2 claim that American multinationals bought 17 million hectars of Ukrainian agricultural land; that would be about half of all quality agricultural land and some 28 % of Ukrainian territory. Opposing sources estimate foreign multinationals land purcahses from 2.8 to 6 mln hectars

24 Jul. "Iranian drones for the Russian Army are already on their way - Ukrainian media"

US to give Ukraine hundreds of kamikaze drones

18 Jul. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accuses the West of a long practice of using "staged incidents" as a way of doing politics. (mirror, original in Russian) Lavrov fails to mention the 2013 sarin false-flag attack on Ghouta in Syria.

17 Jul. Both sides are believed to prepare major operations. Related: Ukr. general Malomuzh interview, covered in Russia under "Putin's ultimatum", here.

Rusvesna: "The UAF militants posted on the Web another video with what was left of the American M777 howitzer, destroyed by our gunners"

Report: "In the area of Krasnoarmeysk settlement, DPR, high-precision ground-based weapons destroyed a launcher and a transport-loading vehicle of a US-made HIMARS multiple launch rocket system" (with unclear video).

15 Jul. It is said that one HIMARS has found itself in Russia.

13 Jul. LPR forces destroyed/captured US-made M777 howitzer, video posted 1, 2.

12 Jul. TASS on Ukrainian MLRS strike on Novaya Kahovka city, Kherson region. Loss of life, destruction. HIMARS said to be used.

10 Jul. Chasov Yar, northern Donetsk region/DPR. Russian side says that the strike was on militants and foreign mercenaries, have a video and photo to back up the claim. Ukrowestern media report that 15 civilians were killed. (On the video, made by Ukr. militants, a running militant shouts, in Russian, that a civilian building is hit, mixed with expletives; another militants speaks English; before another missile flies over and explodes nearby).

Russian side says (with video) that its artillery destroyed a launching platform of Brimstone missile, inside a civilian-looking truck, after a missile was launched.

3 Jul. Report: Russian and allied forces delivered powerful strikes on strongly fortified Ukrainian positions in Avdeevka, apparently at or near a coke chemical plant. Those are among the positions from where residential areas of Donbass and Makeevka are regularly shelled, for a long time.

Ukraine fired missiles on Russian Kursk, Belgorod. In Belgorod, 5 civilians are killed, several wounded, several homes damaged, apparently by "Tochka U" missile. Russia attacked Ukrainian military targets in response.

Russian and allied forces takeover of Lisichansk is drawing to a close, after the area was surrounded, and key positions taken over by the Russians. Few remaining pockets of resistance are mopped up. Some Ukrainian forces possibly managed to retreat; exact counts are uncertain. There is celebratory footage from the city center by Chechen and Cossack units, and declaration of liberation of all of the LPR.

It is said that Kazakh 'Silky Way' ship from Novorossisk, RU, to a port in Turkey, with a cargo of grain (?) is either arrested or not allowed.

1 Jul. Lev Vershinin: Swedes bent (see also: A.S. Pushkin).