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30 Jun. RU MoD: Russian forces left Zmeinyi island. Reason provided is a goodwill gesture showing that Russia does not prevent export of Ukrainian grain. Apparent other reason is that Ukrainian forces gathered artillery and MLRS which could overwhelm small island air defenses, and it was too onerous to defend by other means.

27 Jun. Fire at a shopping /TV center in Kremechug: (early) Russian version here (either a strike on a nearby plant, believed to be involved in repairing military equipment, or Ukrainian provocation); maps: apparently 1, 2. Ukrainian version: Western and Ukrainian media. Noted: G7 meeting; Ukrainian appeal to the UN; case-making for more Western weapons and aid to Ukraine. Some Ukr. media videos: (fire), (aftermath]).

Lavrov: as RU MoD explained, the strike was on "hangars where American and European weapons and ammunition arrived".

25 Jun. Severodonetsk is under Russian control. 1, 2, 3.

24 Jun. Ukrainian first use of US-made HIMARS is reported 1 (video), 2.

It is said that Ukraine is preparing counter-attack(s)

22 Jun. A drone attack on a refinery in the Rostov region - a fire broke out at the plant. (On the WW2 Nazi invasion day).

20 Jun. Ukrainian forces attacked 3 Russian-manned oil drilling platforms in the Black Sea, near Zmeinyi island, off coast of Odessa. One platform was hit, 5 out of 12 workers were rescued, others are missing.

Donetsk remains under heavy shelling, a hospital is hit.

Russian missile strikes on ammo and fuel depots (1, 2, 3), military headquarters reported.

Lithuania is blocking railroad transit to Kaliningrad, Russia launched a strong protest.

11 Jun. DPR head Pushilin on condmened by DPR court British, Moroccan subjects: the convicts did not hide their crimes, and official London and Rabat did not apply to the Republic about their subjects.

5 Jun. Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk continued in the morning, NATO-supplied 155 mm is said to be used. Overnight, Russian forces performed strikes on military (and infrastructure?) targets in Kiev, Kramatorsk, and elsewhere (Ru MoD version: [text, video).

4 Jun. Heavy Ukrainian strikes on central Donetsk (said to be 40 "Grad" rockets). 5 civilians were killed, 20 wounded. Fighting elsewhere in Donbass continues (Ru MoD version) (Foreign Legion in Severodonetsk -ends with a man's medical evacuation).

Four Foreign Legion members were killed in Ukraine: Dutchman Ronald Vogelaara, 47-year-old Australian Michael O'Neill, Bjorn Benjamin Klavis and Wilfried Blair (1, 2 )