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30 Apr. US AF is "ensuring the rapid movement of critical supplies and assistance to NATO allies and partners in support of Ukraine." . See also, US DoD.

US lend-lease act states that it is to protect civilian populations in Ukraine from Russian military invasion, and for other purposes; however it was introduced on Jan. 19, well before the military operation.

27 Apr. At nighttime, a fire at an ammo storage (said to be put out), and air defense activated in several regions of Russia near the border 1,2.

26 Apr. Lloyd Austin, CNN: "we want to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can't do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine". A National Security Council spokesperson: "We want Ukraine to win."

Initial explosions at the Balakleya depot in March 2017

More videos emerge from the huge munition depot in Balakleya, Kharkov region captured by Russian forces in early April. However, most of the warehouses at the depot were already destroyed in explosions in March 2017. Some people have credited the explosions to Petrov and Boshirov.

25 Apr. Opolchenie claims that there are large scale preparations for Ukro-Romanian assault on pro-Russian Transnister. Separately, security ministry in Transnister was attcked; it is reported that empty tubes from grenade/Shmel' launchers are seen.

Unknowns blew up a regional radio center in the Transnistria, which rebroadcasts Russian radio programs.

Two large unexplained fires in Bryansk, Russia (video, photo, versions), some 100 km from Ukrainian border. One of the fires is at oil storage, the other unspecified.

According to gov. Starovoit, in Kursk region, Russia, at 4.15 am, the air defenses shot down two Ukrainian drones.

Ukrainian sources report strikes on railroad traction substations in central Ukraine. Ru MoD: Six traction substations are destroyed by long-range high-precision weapons in the areas of the Krasnoe, Zdolbunov, Zhmerinka, Berdichev, Kovel and Korosten railway stations, through which Ukrainian forces in the Donbass are supplied with foreign weapons and military equipment.

23 Apr. It is said that Ukraine shelled a border post and a border village of Tyotkino in the Kursk region, Russia.

Ru MoD briefing on US and NATO preparations for a provocation accusing Russia of using nuclear, chemical or biological weapons (also here).

Russian humanitarian coordination center describes further Ukrainian provocations plans, including: exploding ammonia tank at a cold storage facility in Odessa, some 500 m from Ukrainian Navy base; provocations during Christian orthodox Easter celebrations; producing photovisuals of Bucha kind; etc.

Fact Sheet on U.S. Security Assistance for Ukraine

21 Apr. Putin ordered to block but not storm "Azovstal". (Opolchenie supported).

2o Apr. Two Russian oligarchs are found dead in Spain and Moscow, along with their butchered families.

Where is Gonzalo Lira?

18 Apr. Gonzalo Lira is presumed dead or captured after being missing for 3 days. (Released on April 22, 2022.)

17 Apr. Ru MoD briefing: (hostages in a mosque freed; an offer to "Azov" to surrender in Mariupol, but they have orders not to; Western mercenaries numbers).

LPR report: civilians shelled by retreating Ukrainian forces; Ukrainian forces getting killed or captured, many drafted from Western Ukraine; their policemen sent to front lines due to shortages; captured Western-manufactured anti-tank weapons shown and discussed.

16 Apr. Ru MoD Konashenkov: as of today, irretrievable Ukrainian losses are 23,367 people". "We will soon publish some data from Ukrainian documents on their losses, revealing the place of death, the burial places of the dead"

Killed and wounded - Ukr. military unit 3057 including "Azov"
Killed and wounded - 4th brigade, Ukr. national guards, military unit 3018, as of March 29.
Killed and wounded -9th Operational Regiment, Ukr. national guards, military unit 3029, as of March 29.
27 separate brigade (military unit 3066) and 15 separate battalions (military unit 3055)
More military units of Ukr. national guards

It is reported that Il'icha plant in Mariupol is taken by Russian and L/DPR forces, remaining Ukrainian forces are at Azovstal plant and pockets nearby.

14 Apr. In the evening: air warning all over Ukraine; explosions in Zhitomir; explosions in Kiev (it is said that machine-building plant "Vizar" near Kiev where anti-aircraft missile systems and anti-ship missiles are manufactured and repaired was seriously damaged).

"Missile attack on the oil depot in Ivano-Frankovsk. Ukrainian channels report that the target has been hit and is on fire".

Governor of the Belgorod region, Russia, Vyacheslav Gladkov. “There was shelling from the Ukrainian side of our village Zhuravlyovka. There is damage to residential buildings and social facilities. " According to opolchenie, a number of people were wounded, several sseriously; a child was wounded.

Russian missile cruiser warship "Moskva" is "seriously damaged" near Sevastopol by munitions explosion following a fire, the crew is evacuated in stormy weather. Earlier Ukraine claimed that the ship was hit by their missiles. There are no further details or confirmations of either version of events.

"The source of fire has been localized. There is no open burning. Explosions of ammunition have stopped;" "the cruiser remains buoyant, and its main missile armament is not damaged".
RU MoD: Cruiser "Moskva" sank during towing in stormy seas.
Allegedly, in addition to "Neptune" anti-ship cruise missile, Ukraine could have Norwegian "Penguin" anti-ship missiles delivered with US lethal weapons assistance.
16 Apr. Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Nikolai Evmenov met with the crew of the cruiser Moskva (embed. video).

12 Apr. Over 1000 Ukrainian marines surrended in Mariupol, said to DPR forces, some 300 of them wounded, 90 cannot walk themselves -video report.

8 Apr. In yet another false-flag attack Ukraine fires a Tochka-U ballistic missile at the Kramatorsk railway station, killing ~50 civilians. Western media parrots Ukrainian version of a Russian attack, despite the fact that Russia no longer uses Soviet Tochka-U missiles and such an attack would be opposite to Russia's purposes.

A massacre victim found in Bucha right next to his house.

Apr 3. Ukrainian filmcrews find up to 400 hundred massacre victims in Bucha, four days after Russians leave the area.