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31 Mar. Konashenkov: DPR forces, using trophy 'Stinger' missiles, shot down two Mi-8 helicopters evacuating Azov commanders from Mariupol. (Interviews with survivors appear to show that their helicopter was evacuating fighters/wounded fighters).

30 Mar. Russian forces leave Bucha, a town nothwest of Kiev.

27 Mar. Pasechnik: a referendum on LPR joining Russia will be held in the Republic, after liberation.

25 Mar. Scott Ritter about conflict in Ukraine.

Two civilian women are killed by Ukrainian shelling in Donetsk, at least 4 civllian women are severely wounded.

23 Mar. Lavrov about negotiations with Ukraine (full video).

Russia to sell gas to unfriendly nations in rubles.

Russia, NATO accused opposing side in preparing chemical weapons events - 1, 2.

Ads for the Ukrainian Legion dominate Western Right-Wing media.

19 Mar. After iniital advances, intense fighting (Mariupol, Avdeevka, suburbs of Kharkov, Kiev), with little change on the map. Russia did not announce mobilization, and initial force, of around 100K, is rather small; while aviation, artillery is of little use in cities full of civilians Russia tries to protect. (Ukraine announced general mobilization on Feb. 24).

Russia also failed to cut or counter militaristic propaganda on Ukrainian channels (like this).

Yurii Tkachev, chief editor of Timer-Odessa, is arrested by SBU. He was nowhere pro-Russian but tried - as he could - to be objective. 1, 2.

11 opposition parties are banned in Ukraine, including OPzZh (opposition party -for life) and Sharii party. 1, 2.

18 Mar. "Ukraine attacked Tekstilshchik market in the Kirovsky district of Donetsk. Four civilians were killed, the exact number of wounded is still unknown". "According to updated information, the shell hit a residential building on the street. Petrovsky, 111 c. All the dead were women born in 1960, 1972, 1974, 1997."

16 Mar. Azovites blow up the Mariupol Drama Theater, where up to 1200 people may have been sheltering. "Kiev" (speaking from Lviv) accuses the Russian air force of bombing the building. Local residents exposed the false-flag plan four days earlier.

14 Mar. "'Tochka-U' strike in Donetsk from a security camera", 2, 3, at least 20 killed. It is said that missile was shot down, apparently launched from Ukrainain-held Avdeevka.

13 Mar. Steshin: It is said that Ukraine is preparing two more provocations in Mariupol, against a mosque where Turkish citizen are hiding, and against a drama theater full of women, elderly and children.

10-12 Mar.: Map.

11 Mar. Head of the Russian National Defense Control Center, Col.-Gen. Mikhail Mizintsev: “Another provocation of nationalists was recorded in Kharkov, where, in order to conceal research work on nuclear topics, militants of territorial defense battalions blew up one of the buildings of the Physics and Technology Institute on Akademicheskaya Street. Up to 50 employees of the institution can be under the rubble.”

Ukrainian version of events: transformer hit by Russian shelling. (AFAIK, neither side provided photovisuals or other evidence)

Ibid, Video: Describes humanitarian corridors: few are open, and only to the West, despite over 2.6 mln. recorded requests to evacuate to Russia,

Anti-censorship host file to escape Western info-prison

5 Mar. DPR. "Vakha", commander of "Sparta" battalion, was killed. According to Pushilin, it happened during evacuation of civilians from Volnovakha. Safe evacuation routes for civilians were agreed during second round of negotiations; however DPR said that civilians were prevented from evacuation by pro -Ukr forces who used it to regroup instead.

"In Kyiv, right at the Pechersk Court, SBU officers killed Kireev, a member of the Ukrainian delegation at the negotiations in Gomel with Russia. Allegedly "for treason."" It is also said that`Kireev was an agent of Ukr. GUR MoD which hailed him as a hero.

2/2 Mar. The Russian delegation arrived at the place of negotiations in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. TASS on second round results: humanitarian corridors is the only outcome agreed; yet, third round is expected next week, and more rounds "may be needed".

"Ukraine Asks Commercial Satellite Operators for Help Tracking Russian Troops"

1 Mar. "Battles map for the past day" (as per source/unofficial)

DPR: In the past day, 4 civilians are killed, 23 civilians wounded by Ukrainian shelling.

Vladimir Ruban, who in the past successfully negotiated priosners exchanges for the Ukrainian aide, has been brutally detained in a train by "Azov" people (video).

It is said that "Ukrainian ace" Oksanchenko, who bombed Lugansk, was shot down over Kiev